Huawei has turned on the heat in the activity tracker market by launching 3 new models in India. The three new wearable devices are Fit, Band 2 and Band 2 Pro. These fitness trackers will be available in all major cities retail shops as well as online retailers like Amazon. Let us compare these trackers and have a quick review.

Huawei Fit is priced at Rs 9,999.00, while the Band 2 and Band 2 Pro at Rs 4,599.00 and Rs 6,999.00 respectively. Huawei gained confidence in the smart band market by its predecessor device’s success –  Honor Band 3, though it was a cheaper than all the above 3 devices.

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Huawei Fit Vs Band 2 Vs Band 2 Pro comparison chart

Although the three fitness bands are diversified among its features, a quick comparison chart will give you an idea of the specifications as well as inclusions of all the devices.


Specifications Huawei Fit
Band 2
Band 2 Pro
Watch type / Band type Watch Band Band
LCD touchscreen Yes No No
Corning Gorilla 3 Yes No No
GPS Support No No Yes
Battery Life 6 Days Normal Use 21 days working time 21 days working time
Charging Time <= 1.5H 1.5 hours fast charging 1.5 hours fast charging
Available Sensors 6-Axis motion sensor(Accelerometer + Gyrometer)
Heart rate sensor(PPG)
Ambient light sensor
3-axis Accelerometer
Detached PPG Cardiotachometer
Infrared Wear Sensor
3-axis Accelerometer
Detached PPG Cardiotachometer
Infrared Wear Sensor
Price ₹ 9,999.00 4,599.00 6,999.00


Lets take a peek at each one of them:

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Huawei Fit

Huawei Fit is built like a smartwatch. It sports a memory LCD touch screen with Gorilla Galss 3 protection. It has a black and white always-on display  which shows all the necessary information like time, number of steps, calories burned etc.  The device is equipped with a heart-rate sensor so it will be able to track your sleep as well. This product runs on Android and available in two sizes. Available colors are Black, Blue and Orange.

Huawei Band 2

This band is ideal for you if your primary focus is on activity tracking rather than styling. This one has significantly better battery backup compared to Huawei Fit (Around 21 days of normal use) which is a big deal compared to the costly Fit. This band is also available in three colors black, blue and red.

Huawei Band 2 Pro

The pro version looks exactly same as classic. This one is almost similar to the Band 2 Classic but has a GPS tracker which enables more accurate tracking of your activity. It can track your speed, movement and and distance covered more accurately than non-GPS fitness trackers. You can opt for the pro version if you need a more accurate tracking by couple of thousands extra.

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