How to Use WhatsApp Chat Heads on Android

One of the most interesting things about Facebook messenger is the chat heads feature. If you have a new message, it will popup and remain there as long as you you drag it to kill chat bubbles. This is very helpful while chating since you can quickly access the people those whom you’re chating with and you need not exit the current application on what you’re working with. Chat popup is available with WhatsApp messenger, the one chat app almost every android user use but FB messenger like chat heads are not part of the official WhatsApp application. By the way if you need chatheads functionality for WhatsApp on android, there are apps for it.

Whatsapp CH

Chat Heads for WhatsApp, is an android app that works alongside with WhatsApp and brings chat heads for your conversations. By using this app, you can create chat heads manually, so we could carryout the conversation easily with that person. Clicking a chat head in the stand-alone mode opens the popup chat. In the popup chat, you can easily reply to the chat partner. In the Floating Notifications mode, clicking on a chat head shows you a menu with the options to open the popup chat, mark the messages that are read or do a quick reply.

The chat heads you get through this app is somewhat customizable, you can set the chat head colours , notification tones and specific LED colours for each one of your contacts. The only requirement to use this app is, you need root acces for your phone.  There are some bugs since the app is still in beta.

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