How to Use Google Maps 7.0 Offline

Google has released its new version of Maps and Navigation apps for android platform. The update is for Android 4.0.3 and higher versions. Google this time released the maps with a clean interface and nice combination of colors. The new version is also rich in features such as live traffic updates, revamped navigation, incident reports and dynamic re-routing.  However the new Maps 7.0 seem to have lost some of its features like Offline caching of map data. This feature is very useful in-case you’re going to a place where there is limited or no internet access. In this new Google Maps the menu option is found missing.  But actually the offline map caching feature of Maps is not gone but it’s only hidden.


Here’s how to cache offline maps in Google Maps 7.0 

  • First of all,  open Google Maps on your phone or tab. Search for the place that you want to store offline.  In the search box start typing the destination and you may use the auto-complete suggestions and press ‘search’.
  •  Zoom the map screen to area  you want to cache.  Then type ‘OK Maps’ in the search box and tap Search. Alternatively, you can tap the voice search and Say ‘OK Maps’. 
  • As soon as you hit the search button, you can see the map is downloading to your device. View the progress on the screen telling “Pre-loading Map x%”  .  Note that if you’ve selected a large region, it will take more time to download the data.

The advantage of using offline maps is that you can know you’re position if GPS is enabled even if internet is not connected. Also you can browse the cached maps region. Searching for a location and getting driving directions still requires data connection.

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