Transitions when you swipe your home screen or when you switch between apps can look amazing. Many launchers are available on the playstore providing these slick transitions. But it takes its toll on the system performance. Your phone will slow down considerably if you are not careful. In this article, we tell you steps to speed up the system animations in Redmi phones.

To speed up the system animations in Redmi phones, you will have to follow 2 steps. The first one is to enable the developer mode in your phone which is discussed in detail below. The second one is to change the animation settings.

Developer Mode

Developer Mode is a mode that you need to activate to indicate to the Android OS that you are a developer and is allowed to mess with some default settings to make the OS more friendly with the user. For the first step, you will need to access the developer mode on the MI phone. As can be seen in the picture below, the developer options are found in the settings app. There are many numbers of options available in this menu. Some of them are your Mi Account settings, other account settings,  sync, System apps settings, installed apps settings, dual apps, permissions, etc. You will need to go to the ‘About phone’ tab in the Device section order to access these options

Clicking on the About phone tab will open another window where you will see many options like Device name, Model name, Android version, Android Security patch level, details about CPU, RAM, internal memory, MIUI version, Baseband version, Kernel version, etc as can be seen from the picture given below. To access the developer options, you will need to tap the MIUI version seven times. After tapping it, a pop-up message will appear showing “You are now a developer”.

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After completing this step, you will become a developer. Now a new pop up will appear as shown in the picture above telling you that “You are now a developer”.

Changing Animations

The whole purpose of entering the developer mode was to speed up the animation settings so we can have smooth and fast transitions inRedmi phones.Now to change animations, go back to the settings tab and choose the option ‘Additional settings’. Clicking on the ‘Developer options’ will take you to a new tab. It shows options like ‘Show surface updates’, ‘Show layout bounds’, ‘Force RTL Layout direction’, ‘Transition Animation Scale’,  ‘Window Animation Scale’, ‘Animator Duration Scale’, ‘Simulate Secondary Displays’, ‘ Force GPU Rendering’  etc as shown in the image below.

The three options that matter for us are the Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animator Duration Scale. These three scales are by default set to 1x speed. You now can change the animation speed according to your needs. Ideally, a speed of 0.5x as seen in the image above is fine. It is fast enough for the smooth operation point of view and for viewing the elegant transitions.

Following the above two steps will guarantee not only faster performance for your Redmi phones but also smooth and elegant transitions.

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