firefox trick

By default when Firefox opens a new tab page , it will display the search engine set as default and maybe thumbnails of most recently visited websites. If this Internet browser is accessed by some one else, like your friend or siblings, the I suppose you may not find it convenient to let them know what are the web pages that you browse most often. Lol I didn’t mean that you browse some “restricted area” type website. I’m just saying that its better to have something else on that screen other than the usual boring stuff. Okay, I know you might ask “Dude, what about a blank screen ?”. Hey come on, that’s something everyone knows right ? So for a change, you can show an image (taken from your computer or from the Internet) as a background in the new tab page rather than a blank page without showing again the most visited websites. Believe me, All this is done fairly quickly; let’s see how to proceed.

1. In the browser’s address bar, type : ” about:config ” and press enter. You will see something as below :


The button with ” I’ll be careful, I promise ” text is shown

So like in the above image, you will also see ” I’ll be careful, I promise ” button. Just click it.

2. Now you will be taken to the internal search page of Firefox browser which will be as below :

firefox trick

The internal search of Firefox browser


3. Now type in that search bar : ” browser.newtab.url ” . You will now see only that in the search result. Just double click on that result.

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4. You will see a new popup window as below :

firefox trick

The popup window named “Enter string value”

In that text field, paste the web address of the image of your interest. To be precise, the image url. If you want to use an image from your computer hard disk, then just paste path of the image in the disk. You can get that path by right clicking on the image on your computer and going to the properties option.

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