Google chrome is one of the main culprits behind why your computer run slow. It eats up lots of RAM compared to other apps that run on your laptop. Let’s see how to reduce RAM used by Chrome. Before getting into steps required to reduce the memory used by Google Chrome, let’s see why the browser takes up so much memory to run. Given below are the stats showed in the task manager when I use the chrome on my windows 10.

Memory usage split

Keep in mind that I only have one window open with three tabs. So why does chrome use so much memory to operate? The answer is simple. The more memory it uses, the faster the browser operates. Comparing with other browsers that do the basic tasks using less memory, Google Chrome offers a lot of additional features on your browser.

However, there are some other ways by which the memory is utilized without any gain for the users. Some websites come with a lot of ads and links which run by using your memory. You may have noticed some times when you just click at a free area on a webpage, it redirects you to another website that you did not grant the permission to do. All these activities use memory making your system slow to respond by doing things you did not want in the first place.

Steps to improve browser speed for Google Chrome

  • Disable the option that allows the running of background apps once the browser is closed.

Google Chrome by default allows the running of its apps in the background even after it is closed. This is done to provide users with notifications from Facebook, Gmail, hangouts, etc. For advanced users with systems with powerful processors and a lot of RAM, this is an extremely useful feature. However for the average user this is not the case. Not only does this process consume a lot of memory, it can become annoing with pop ups appearing every now and then. So how do you disable it?

  1. Go to the settings page of your Chrome browser. ( Click on the three dots on the top right corner to see the settings option.
  2. On the left-hand side, you will see the option ‘Advanced’. Choose the option ‘system’ with a gear settings to reduce memory usage
  3. Disable the “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed.
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reduce RAM usage

  • Using Extensions from the Chrome store

  1. ScriptSafe: Install the extension “ScriptSafe” from the Chrome Store. This extension prevents the scripts or codes from third-party websites in Flash, JavaScript, Java run on your browser. Turning off these scripts will drastically increase the speed of the browser. Because the browser is now using the memory only for the useful things that matter to you.
  2. AdBlock: Installing this extension will prevent all the ads on the websites you are visiting from being displayed. Hence the website will load faster. You will also have options to allow ads on websites you feel are deserving of ads and not just have a lot of ads for clickbait content.

Disable all other extensions if you want to further increase the speed of the browser. Also, Chrome will utilize more RAM for its operation compared to the likes of Mozilla FireFox for doing the same operation. i.e, if Mozilla and Chrome open three tabs with youtube opened in one, facebook opened in one and Gmail opened in another and you check the task manager, you will notice that Chrome has multiple processes running each consuming a portion of the RAM. Each tab has separate processes because if one crashes, you can still use the rest of the tasks without chrome shutting down.

However in the case of Mozilla and other browsers, it is one process using a huge amount of RAM and incase a tab hangs, the whole browser may get closed automatically disrupting your entire work on other tabs. So, follow the steps above to free up enough RAM to speed up your Chrome for it is still the best free browser.

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