How To Partition SD Card And Use Link2SD To Free Up Internal Memory

This post is for people who still uses their old Android phones like Samsung Galaxy Ace which has very little internal memory. In case of Galaxy Ace, lots of people are still love this phone but the low phone memory wont let you install big apps and it will become full easily. Most people would try rooting the phone and using App 2 SD. Even if App 2 SD says its moved to external memory card, phone memory will not be feed up. This is because most apps store files called .odex which is used to improve application start up time and it is usually stored in phone memory only. This is why even after all your apps moved to sd card, there is not much space left in internal memory.

One solution to this problem is to partition your SD card so that the android will recognize the sd card partition as phone’s internal memory. Apps like Link2Sd can be used to link apps installed in phone memory to external memory card. This method is the most effective way to overcome  low memory problems.

We discuss here, how to partition SD card using ClockworkMod recovery and ROM manager, then using the Link2Sd application to link all your installed apps to the partition.


To use this method there are some prerequisites:

  1. Your phone should be rooted.
  2. It should have ClockworkMod recovery image installed.
  3. It should be charged not less than 60%.
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If your phone is not rooted, google how to root your phone and you’ll get several posts regarding rooting of your specific device model.  To install ClockworkMod image, follow these steps if you have Galaxy Ace:

  • Download from here.
  • Copy the file on to sd card, turn off the device.
  • Reboot by pressing Home+Power button and then release after a few seconds.
  • The phone must be booted into recovery mode.
  • Select “apply update from sd-card” option.
  • Browse the directories using volume up and down buttons and choose zip file, press home button to OK.
  • Wait until it is completed – Reboot your phone.

If you have another device, just search in google and you’ll find it easily how to install CWM on your device. Once you have all the prerequisites, follow these simple steps below to partition SD card.

  • Backup ALL THE DATA in your sd card before proceeding. SD card partitioning will destroy all your data inside it. Just copy all the data to your PC so that you can copy the same back to SD card after this process.
  • Download and install ROM manager from Play Store.
  • Open up ROM manager. Select partition SD Card.


  • Select the Ext size. If you have a memory card more than 2GB size, I advice you to choose 512 MB.
  • The next job is to select swap size. Actually android doesn’t need swap files because it manages RAM very efficiently.  So you can choose 0MB, 32MB or 64MB not more than that.
  • Taping OK will popup a warning message and you’ll need to tap OK again to begin the process. The phone will reboot into CWM recovery.
  • The process will take sometime and once it is finished, it will automatically reboot.
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Using Link2SD to move/Link all your apps to SD card.

After successfully partitioning your SD card, you may connect your phone to PC and copy back all the data that you had backed up in the beginning. The next step is to download Link2Sd application from PlayStore. The main difference between Apps2Sd and Link2SD is that the former only moves the apk file of the application to SD card and leaves behind all the data associated with it. Usually for some apps the data size may be more than apk size. After downloading the Links2SD app,follow the steps below:

  • Open the app, you’ll bes asked to allow super user permissions and select the file system. SELECT ext3 FILE SYSTEM AND REBOOT YOUR PHONE.


  • Now open the app again. Tap and hold an app in internal memory and choose CREATE LINK to link that app to SD card.
  • If you have apps already in SD card, you’ll need to move it back to phone memory to create a link.




Link as many apps to second partition of SD card. After linking all apps, check the storage analysis to see your memory status.

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