If you have a smartphone with a lot of apps, it is a usual practice to hide some of the apps. It can be either to prevent others from opening a particular app, or to simply clean up your app drawer or home screen. People usually uses apps like Nova Launcher, C-launcher etc to hide apps in android. Any case, you may need to open these apps many times a day. Usual practice to open hidden apps is by unhiding the app from the Settings of the launcher. There you specify which app to hide and remove the app you want to unhide, from that  list. But if you are tired of this, there is an easy way to open the hidden apps without manually unhiding it.

The trick is to use your phone dialler to launch the app you want. You can download an app called Dial Launch which allows you to set a predefined  number to launch an app. All you want to do is set a custom number to each app you want to launch this way. Then dial the number and tap call –  the app launches.!

You can do this to open invisible apps (you don’t want others to see these apps) or you have so many apps and don’t want to look through each of them.

Follow these steps to launch hidden apps quickly using Dial Launch:

1.  Install Dial Launch from Google Play Store

2. Open the app, you can see a screen with no apps listed. Once you start assigning quick launch numbers to your apps, it will show up in this window.

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3. Tap the menu on the top left. Select any of the app category – “User Apps” or “System Apps”. Now you can see all your installed apps based on the selection regardless of whether you hide it from launcher or not.

unhide apps quickly

4. Select an app, assign a number. make sure you give unique numbers to each app.

5. Go to your phone’s dialler, dial the number you just assigned to any app, press call button. Now it should open the app.dial to laucnh apps

Note: I tested this in Xiaomi phones and the results were mixed. I was able to open some of the apps but couldn’t open many.  If you have a fix or know of any alternative apps that can do this, please share in comments.

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