When you buy a new laptop or desktop, most of them today comes with a pre-installed genuine copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8. Genuine Windows means you’ve already paid the price for the operating system while buying that computer. Activation of windows is the process of verifying the product key associated with the copy is genuine or not. Generally you’ll get your PC already activated in your hands.

Benefits of using Genuine windows 

Advantages of a genuine copy of windows is that you can use the full features of the OS without error messages and security threats and warnings. Performing windows updates will not cause your system to crash. In addition, you can have access to some free software from Microsoft like Security Essentials (Antivirus program), Synchronization of windows settings etc

Two ways to make sure your Windows 8 is Genuine

In windows 8, you could check the activation status of the OS in two ways. One of the method is to check it from Control Panel.

To validate windows to know if it is genuine, open Control Panel, and then click System and Security and then System. Here, you can view the basic information about your windows 8 system including the activation status on the bottom. In Windows 8, you cant see any badge saying ” ask for genuine Microsoft software”. It just shows the activation status of Windows and the product ID. A link to get more details about the Windows 8 activation is also given.


Checking Windows 8 Activation from the Command Prompt

There’s another faster method is available in windows to check your OS copy is activated. In the windows 8 search box, type slui.exe which is a file found in “C:\Windows\System32\” folder under windows installation. This open up a window providing a bunch of details about the Windows 8 activation like windows expiration date, last section of your serial number, and an option to activate windows with a valid new product key.

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In case if your activation of windows is not done properly, it shows-up the details with an error code which helps you to find the solution online.


Final Note:

If you’ve purchased a laptop or Desktop with genuine windows included, it is necessary that you must check the windows activation to avoid problems in future. You can follow the above process to identify a genuine windows. For most people, checking the validity of windows is like a secondary task. They will be busy in asking about the hardware configuration. To avoid being cheated, make sure your windows copy is genuine before buying your computer.

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