How to Install WhatsApp on WiFi only Tablets

Text messaging from your voice carrier is now an old fashion as WhatsApp messenger has became part of every smartphone. In these days, especially in India there is free sms limitations like 100 SMS/day, social apps like whatsapp is a must have app for everyone. In addition to just text messages, you can send videos, photos and your recorded voice etc almost instantly. However there is something not great for tablet users as WhatsApp is not supporting Tablet devices now.  I don’t know the reason for this but it’s a fact. I know a  lot of guy’s have a simple phone and a costly tablet like Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab on their hands just cant use this app. When we go to Google play on the tab and search for WhatsApp, it will not show up there to download.


In order to install WhatsApp on a tablet which is WiFi only (That means there is no SIM card/3G support hence no mobile number), you can follow the below steps to have it done. Please note that WhatsApp need a mobile number that is accessible and no prior registration on WhatsApp. So if you install it in your tablet, you cannot use the same simultaneously for the same number on your phone. If you try to do so, it will block the access and show up a message telling you to re-verify the mobile number.


1.  First make sure that your mobile number which you’re going to register for WhatsApp is available and getting calls and messages.

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2. Download Whatsapp Apk file from your browser by clicking on this link. 

3. Find the downloaded file from your SD card or phone memory whatever and tap to install. (To do these step, you’ve to make sure that you allow external app installations. To do this , Go to Android Settings App> Security then check the box which says “Unknown Sources” under the device administrators tab).

4. After installation, open the application.

5. Before using it will ask you to select your country, insert your number and verify it. Fill those and proceed to verification.

6. The initial verification process of WhatsApp is by sending you an SMS on the registered number. Once it received, the app will auto-detect the code and activate your account. In our case the message goes directly to your phone. You can delete it as it’s of no use. WhatsApp will wait for 5 minutes for verification via SMS. After that it will show an option to “Verify by call”. Proceed and you’ll get a call instantly on your phone. Pick-up the call and note down the verification code from the auto-generated voice.

7. Enter the code in your tab.

8. Now you should be able to verify your number..start using your account.

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Comments (3)

  1. I have follow steps 1-8 and success to use whatapps but no contacts to chat or call. My tablet is Cube iplay10 /U83, no contact / phone book install, how to add contact to any phone book (which can download online) which use by whatsapp?

  2. Step-2 of above article says: “Download Whatsapp Apk file from your browser by clicking on this link.” Please confirm
    that the Apk file should be downloaded on the tab (having Wifi, no SIM). Further, Step-3 says: “Find the downloaded file from your SD card or phone memory whatever and tap to install. (To do these step, you’ve to make sure …….”. Please confirm that the file should be installed on the tab.

    1. You need to download the apk from the link and install it in your tablet. Then verify the mobile number as instructed.

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