Mi TV is one of the best smart TVs available in the market today. However, even in the Mi TV’s PRO series apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime are not available. The lack of ability to use these major players in the video streaming industry is a huge drawback of the Mi tv series. Let’s find out how to install Netflix and Amazon Prime on your Mi TV series as third party apps.

Why are Netflix and Amazon Prime not available on the Playstore on Mi TV?

Netflix wants smart TV companies to install a Netflix button on the remote of the TV. This will mean you can directly open Netflix from your remote controller as the TV switches on. However, Xiaomi has not yet taken steps to do this.

How to install Netflix on Mi TV?

This method is going to work on all Mi TV PRO series whether 32″, 49″, or 55″.

  • Download the third party¬† Aptoide TV app from the link given here. It is the first app featured on the list in the Google drive –¬†Aptoide TV app
  • After downloading the files and unzipping them, transfer them to a USB drive. Then plug it into the Mi TV.
  • When you connect your Pendrive, you will see the option for USB on the top left corner. Select the apps option to find the media player.
  • Click on the tab “Devices”.You will see the Pendrive you plugged in.
  • In the Pendrive, select the Mi TV 4 Apps folder.
  • Install the app with the name “Aptoide TV”.
  • After installing Aptoide TV, go the apps menu on your TVand select the Aptoide app. If an update prompt comes up, you can update the app. The Aptoide Tv is like the Google play store but includes apps for Android TV. You will be able to find many apps that you won’t be able to find even in the play store.
  • In the Aptoide TV app, find the Netflix file as shown in the figure below.
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Install Netflix on Mi TV

  • Instead of directly installing it, select the option” other versions”
  • Select the 6.15 build of Netflix and install it.

install netflix on mi tv

  • An important thing to remember is that other versions do not work.
  • A minor problem with this method is that even after installing Netflix, it may not show up on the list of apps on the main screen
  • So you would have to go to settings and select Apps.
  • Find Netflix from this app list on settings and click open.
  • You won’t be able to use Netflix with a TV remote controller. To enter the login details on Netflix you will need either air mouse keyboard remote controller or a wireless mouse.

How to install Amazon Prime on Mi TV?

  • Follow all the steps above up to installing the Aptoide TV.
  • Search “amazon prime android tv” in the search bar in Aptoide TV.
  • In the search results that come up, select the second option as shown in the figure below.

Install amazon prime

  • Install this Prime video on Android TV.
  • You will have to go to settings and allow the ” Install the unknown apps option”

mi TV setup

  • After installing, the Amazon Prime app will appear on the app list on the main screen.
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