How to Install DSP Manager on Any Android ROM

We all know DSP manager is a very useful application for Bass boost and Volume boost in android phones flashed with CyanogenMod. The key advantage of using this application is that, it can be used to improve sound quality, achieve vibrating bass even with your in the box headphones. What about installing DSP Manager on your stock firmware. Usually this is not possible because this app is a part of CyanogenMod and it is nether available in Google Play Store not you cant install it directly even if you get the apk file of DSP Manager on a stock firmware.


To Install DSP manager on your phone with stock ROM, you need to put a little bit effort. To accomplish this you have to met the following requirements.

  • Your Phone should be rooted. ( If you’re not familiarized with rooting, Search in Google “How to Root <Your Phones Model>”)
  •  Root Browser or similar application should be installed

if you’ve met this pre-requisites, then move to next step

  • Download DSP Mnager .apk from xda-developers forum.
  • Copy the APK file to the system/app folder using Root browser.
  • Then from the root browser itself, select the apk file tap Permissions, then tick the boxes as  rw-r-r (checkout screenshot for clarification)
  • Almost completed. Just restart your phone to finish. Now you should see the dsp manager application in your app drawer.


Note: this method wont work in  HTC sense ROMS.

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Comments (5)

  1. Works fine, thank you!! 🙂

  2. i didn’t root my phone. I installed it, I went to sound menu in parameters ( of the phone), I selected sound effects and i have selected DSP. I WORKS WELL.

  3. Its works fine for me..thank you..

  4. It is not instslling on lewa os ROM of. A177 help me please I have complete all tasks

  5. Dsp manager apk also work on my note 2 Samsung stock firmware flawless without root

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