You will probably find yourself in having to complete a job and/or having to make some important operations on your laptop when you are away from home without having the luxury of being able to connect the laptop to the electrical outlet. In such cases, if your  laptop battery backup is low, it would be a big problem.

if your laptop battery backup is low here's how to increase

The first thing you may do in such a circumstance will be to reduce the display brightness and/or activate the most appropriate power scheme to be able to squeeze the maximum battery. Of course, even certain antivirus offers some power plans.

But perhaps it may still not be enough, especially if your laptop is a multi-core (eg. Dual Core or higher). This is simply because on one hand it is true that the multi-core computers allow the execution of multiple operations in parallel thereby enhancing speed and overall performance, on the other hand the multi-core processors consume much more energy than a single-core, and consequently, this performance should translate into more battery power. Yeah, In simple terms – More the performance, more will be the battery consumption.

But Microsoft, for its Windows operating system has recognized this issue by allowing the user to restrict the maximum power of the processor by reducing its performance.Infact, you can slow down your laptop. Consequently, reduced battery consumption is guaranteed which will allow you to earn several minutes more (about a dozen or more but less depending on the value that you are going to set). Believe me, that few minutes would probably be useful to conclude your important work and/or perform that particular task you are into, when you do not have the ability to connect the laptop to the power source. This trick is applicable to any windows laptop say HP, Dell, Lenovo etc and you don’t need to install any extra software to increase battery backup of your laptop.

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Lets see how to squeeze those extra minutes off your laptop battery :

1. On the keyboard, press the combination of the two keys –  Windows + R to bring up the dialog “Run”. It looks like this :


The "Run" Command tool that comes up when the combo is pressed

The “Run” Command tool that comes up when the combo is pressed

Now, in the text field, enter the following and press the ENTER key : control powercfg.cpl,,4

The "Run" prompt with the command entered

The “Run” prompt with the command entered

Please note that, you can use any integer instead of the “4” in the command above. Eg : control powercfg.cpl,,5 is also fine.

2. Once you click the “OK” button above or if you press the “ENTER” key on your keyboard, the “Power Options” menu pops-up. Now that”s where you are gonna play with. It should look something like this :

The "Power Options" window in Windows 7

The “Power Options” window in Windows 7

3. You are almost finished. Now, scroll down the list in the “Power Options” window until you find “Processor Power Management” . That’s where we are gonna work. It should look something like :

The option which we will alter in the Power Options window (Windows 7 here)

The option which we will alter in the Power Options window (Windows 7 here)

By default, you will see a value of 100 in the above encircled option. Here, I have changed it to 75. Remember, our aim was to increase the battery backup time of our laptop, for which we reduced the performance of  our processor. When you set a value for “On battery(%)” in “Maximum processor state“, make sure you don’t over reduce the performance of the processor by going below a  value of 55.

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This method can help you get a few more minutes. Usually a value of 75 as above, will yield around 10 minutes. Now, that isn’t an exact figure. It varies with systems.

Note : The most common mistake people do often with the command above, is to use single comma – “,” instead of 2 commas – “,,” in the command – control powercfg.cpl,,4


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