How to Improve Windows Experience Index – Dell XPS L502x

The Windows experience index is a capability measure of computer hardware and software configuration. It scores the key system component performance on a scale of 1 to 7.9 called base score. Score given for individual components is the sub score. Usually, the parameters used for testing the performance of a system are, Processor, RAM, Graphics, Gaming and 3D graphics, and HDD. WEI (Windows 7) can be accessed by going to control panel, select “System” and clicking “Windows Experience Index” under rating.

Dell XPS L502x is a decent laptop which usually have higher WEI. It has NVIDIA 2GB dedicated graphics, so the graphics will get higher sub score comparatively. But Desktop performance for windows aero may be a low value on your WEI rating, so the base score will also a low value. This is due to the fact that, DEll XPS has NVIDIA Optimus technology which will turn off the graphics card for low graphics applications to save power. So the actual graphics performance will differ from what was rated while doing the assessment. To improve Windows Experience Index for Dell XPS L502x, follow these tips before running the rating test.

1. Right click on desktop, click NVIDIA control panel. Check for any updates. If you cant update from there, download the latest GeForce 320.18 Driver and install. If you have trouble installing the driver, uninstall the previous one first then try to install. (the latest driver boosts about 20% )

2. Again take NVIDIA control panel and click Manage 3D Settings. Set preferred graphics processor as “High-performance NVIDIA processor”. Then change, each graphics feature setting to provide maximum quality. (For example, enabling closed features like ambient occlusion, raising antistropic filtering etc).  When you’re done, Click apply.

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3. From NVIDIA control panel, click “Set PhysX configuration. Select your graphics processor (For me it is Geforce GT 540M). Click Apply.

After doing all these, run the Windows Experience Index test. For my Dell XPS the base score boosted up to 5.7 from 4.5 as shown in the screenshots.



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  1. My XPS L502x has a score of 7.4 for the i7 processor, 7.6 for 8 GB RAM, and 5.8 for the Aero Graphics.

  2. Yes..Aero graphics and disk performance have the lowest score for dell xps

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