Ever got tired of seeing all the negative hate comments for a video you love and wonder why you even bother reading them?. Being a public platform where people can voice their opinions anonymously. It is no surprise the plethora of keyboard warriors from across the world tries to make their voices heard. There is no efficient way provided by Youtube or the parent company Google to not see these hate comments from the likes of racist, homophobic keyboard warriors. At some point, blocking Youtube comments seems to be the only way you can get past it.  There are some methods for you to hide youtube comments in Chrome on your PC or entire account. One of the following methods can also be used in the youtube app on your smartphone or tablet. So what are you waiting for? Get that negativity out of your life.

1) Restricted Mode

The only feature provided by Youtube on both the website version and the app version to hide the comments is the Restricted Mode. It is the only way by which you can hide comments in the youtube app.


On your youtube app, the restricted mode can be disabled from the settings menu. If you are on Youtube website, you click on the settings option on your left-hand side scroll down menu and choose the restricted mode to be ON.

Once you turn this mode ON, your comments will be disabled as shown below.

This method, however, has a slight disadvantage in that the restricted mode is not a feature exclusively available to disable the comments. It will also restrict you from watching any video that may be flagged as inappropriate for minors or has obscene images or languages. The Youtube algorithm is miles from being perfect. Hence there is a possibility the restricted mode would prevent you from watching your favorite creator. You can, however, use this mode easily if your kids go on youtube a lot.

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2) Extensions

There are a couple of useful extensions available on the Google Chrome Store that are designed to serve this exact purpose. Installing them on your browser, these extensions would automatically make your comment section disappear without leaving a trace.

Hide YouTube Comments

This is the most popular extension available on the chrome store to hide your comments. This is also the most basic extension available for hiding the comments as the other extensions mentioned here serves more than one purpose. It does the trick simply. Just go to the link as given above and install it in your browser and say Goodbye to the nasty Youtube comment section forever.


Hide YouTube Comments, Live Chat, & Related

This extension can also be used to block out the comment section on youtube altogether. It also includes the option to hide out the live chat options that come with certain videos. Another impressive feature of this extension is that, if you are the type of person to click one related video after the other on youtube, this extension can completely block out all the related videos shown so that you are not easily distracted. I personally prefer this multifunctional extension over the previous one simply for all the extra features it offers.Improve YouTube! (Open-Source for YouTube)

Now, this extension is packed with a wide variety of features and hiding the youtube comments is only a small part of it. It lets you customize your entire Youtube experience. With this extension, you will be able to remove related youtube videos, remove headers, hide annotations and most importantly it serves the purpose we are looking for, hiding comments. It is a bit of a complicated extension. Use it, if you are interested in using the other features as well.

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