How to fix Google Play Store error 498

Google play store is an inevitable part of your android phone as it provides you access to a huge selection of marvelous apps that keeps your phone dynamic and up to date. But occasionally when you download some apps, usually bigger (in terms of size) apps, you might face an issue called  Error 498 in Google Play Store. I recently stumbled upon this error while I was downloading Temple Run (Arghh . I just hate such moments). I gave a quick search in Google to see whether other users were also getting the same error and my assumption was absolutely right. I have figured out few ways to solve this annoying issue and download whatever files we need. Just follow these tips.


Reason behind Error 498 of Play Store: The error will appear when you try to download something (Apps) that are bigger in size than your devices cache partition.(I don’t know why it came for me in the case of Temple Run). Other cause of this issue might be that the app maybe under maintenance while you are trying to download. If this is the case, just wait for a couple of minutes and try downloading again.

  • Clear Play Store cache 

This was the simplest solution I could find to get rid of this problem. You just have to tap Settings>Applications > Manage Applications > Select Google Play store > Clear Data & Clear Cache. For me, this solved the problem and I was able to download the game. Anyway for some people, this might not be sufficient, so you may try the below tips also if that’s the case.

  • Download from a new Play Store Account
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Sometimes things will change if you access the apps via new account. To add a new account, navigate to Settings > Accounts > Add New Account > Click on Google , enter your email address and password – voila, you’re done.

  • Use a faster internet connection

Occasionally your ISP’s make problem with downloads from Play Store. If that’s the case try switching to another connection for the moment to see if it works. Usually, a faster WiFi connection could do the trick.

  • Re-install Play Store

You can accomplish this with your stock browser or any other browsers or even using PC. Search Google for the latest Play Store apk file and install it in your phone. The new app will replace the older app and try clearing the data after installation. If nothing above works for you, I’m pretty sure that this one will.

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