TikTok in under a year has overtaken Facebook and Instagram as the most favorite app among youth all over the world, especially in India. A new TikTok celebrity turns up every now and then through a 15-sec short clip or a video under one-minute length that encapsulates your complete creative skills. At the moment the maximum duration allowed for a video in TikTok is one minute. Whatever your skills may be, whether its dancing, singing, drawing or making creative comedic content, you should present it well. We will tell you how to make your video stand out among the rest. But remember one thing, unique content always triumphs ahead of the others. But even if your video idea is inspired by someone else, if you present it better than the others, your video will get noticed more. There are many video editing apps for TikTok but you should keep some basics in mind while using them. Here are some tips on how to edit videos for TikTok to get more views and be viral.

How to Edit Videos for TikTok That Goes Viral

1) Video Quality

People with DSLR cameras used to make HD videos of amazing qualities that stand out among the rest. But nowadays ordinary phones come up with high-quality cameras so that anyone can make high-quality videos by themselves in their bedroom.

2) Video Resolution

Make sure your video is of 9:16 full-screen resolution. Suppose you make two videos with the same content, one is in 16:9 resolution and the other is in 9:16 resolution, the latter will have a better chance of going viral. In the earlier days TikTok used to allow 16:9 full-screen resolutions, now that is not the case. At the moment any video with a 16:9 ratio will just be displayed in a smaller size as shown below. So make sure you shoot your videos in a 9:16 resolution.

tiktok video editing tips

16:9 resolution video


tiktok video editing tips

9:16 resolution video


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A 9:16 video that garners a lot of likes is usually that of a celebrity or of an event.The chances of a video with your face on it going viral in 9:16 resolution is almost slim to none. So if you are taking a video with your phone’s camera rather than the TikTok app camera, always take your videos in 16:9 resolution, that is with your phone in the upright position.

3) Video Editing

Now let’s talk about the most important aspect of making a one-minute long video on TikTok, Editing. If you are not familiar with video editing apps and how to edit them, check out this link: Best Apps to Edit Videos For TikTok. The three easy to use apps to mix your video with your audio, to add effects and finally to convert it into the 9:16 resolution are the following.


Power director is the easiest to use app available on the Google Playstore to mix your videos with any music of your choice. Make sure your music is of 320kb/s quality. Low-quality audio will have less chance of being picked up by the TikTok algorithm. With this app, you can place the audio at the exact time of the video very easily. The video editing bar can be easily stretched up to one-tenth of a second to place the music exactly where you want. You will need to buy the pro version to remove the watermark as seen in the below picture. It also has a lot of cool features like transition effects, cropping the video, adding text to your video, etc.

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edit tiktok videos

                Editing video using PowerDirector.


Kinemaster is probably the mobile editing app with the most features available on the Google Playstore. You can create near-perfect studio-quality VFX videos using the Kinemaster Chroma key feature. All you need is a green screen. You can make use of any large green colored cloth for this purpose.

Shoot your video in front of the green screen and then you can edit whatever video you want onto the portions of the green screen by using the Chroma key feature. It also has a pretty cool video layer feature where you will be able to add video into another video as shown below. It also has a lot of cool features like transition effects, cropping the video, adding text to your video, etc. You will need to buy the premium version of the app to remove the watermark from your videos.

kinemaster to edit videos

Video Layer Editing in Kinemaster


If you do not want to buy the pro version of the PowerDirector app, then you can mix your videos with the Inshot app. Inshot is a tad bit difficult to use for a beginner when compared to PowerDirector.It has a cool feature to remove the watermark for free without buying the pro version if you watch a 15-sec ad. A small price to pay for a good feature. And if your phone is not connected to the internet, then you wouldn’t even have to watch the video, a free remove watermark option would be there. It also has a lot of cool features like transition effects, cropping the video, adding text to your video, etc. You can also convert the edited video into a 9:16 full-screen resolution using this app. However, it doesn’t include the cool features of the Kinemaster app.

inshot video editor for tiktok

Editing in Inshot

So good luck!!!

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