How to Download Facebook Videos to Your Android Phone

When it comes to watching videos on Facebook on your smartphone, it becomes very convenient to download videos rather than loading the video and watching. the advantage of downloading videos that posted on Facebook is that you never need to login to Facebook next time to search for that video and buffer once more. You can watch it anytime offline. Since there is no such option to download the video, you’ve to use third-party apps and some tricks for that. Here’s how to download Facebook videos on your Android phone using app called ES file explorer, almost quickly and you wont need any further hassles for it.

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Read below content and follow the steps as it is:

1. Obviously the first step is to download the third-party app ” ES file explorer” to your android phone from Google Play Store. Accept the permissions and install application.

2. I hope you’re already browsing Facebook using the official Facebook android app. Otherwise download and install it from Google Play. Sign in to Facebook using your email ID and password.

3.  Browse Fb and open the video that you want to download/watch. Once you tapped the play button, a window will pop=up asking you with a list of apps to complete the action.  Select ES Downloader from the list.


4. Immediately you’ll see the download starting . After finished downloading, you may watch it anytime by viewing the gallery of your android phone, or the download directory in SD card.

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  1. Hi thank you for this very informative piece. I always wonder on how to download videos on Facebook using my phone. I have tried several application but none of them seems to work . I will definitely try this. Do you happen to know if this works with iOS too? Is so can you make a review as well. Because of this moment I use Acethinker’s Online video Downloader , i use PC though to download. It does work well with any browser.

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