How to Disable Always-On Wi-Fi Feature of Android 4.3

AndroidjbThe very new android tablets and phones are walking out of the factory with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean version which contains new set of features like dial-pad auto-complete (guessing the person ho you are trying to call as you type the number) and Bluetooth low energy. Surprisingly in Android 4.3 there’s a feature that lets Google’s location service and other apps can scan for Wi-Fi networks even if  it is turned off. this is to improve location information instead of continuously using the battery draining GPS.

However this may not be needed by many users, the option to disable the feature is not directly visible but it’s buried in settings. To disable the always on Wi-Fi scanning in a Android 4.3 device :

  • Open Settings and tap  on the Wi-Fi under wireless & networks settings
  • Touch on the menu button of the device and select ” Advanced”


  • You will see a check box called ” Scanning Always Available” in the list , to disable the always scanning feature you should un-check the box and your device will no longer search for active WiFi networks when it if turned off.

Even though Google has made an option to disable this feature, some tech experts says that this feature could actually save the battery life of your android device by letting Wi-Fi to determine the location information rather than always using the GPS which uses more battery.

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