This is a very popular question among android users. Android phone you purchase comes with  a lot of bloatware, unwanted apps, some Google apps you wont even open in your life. Removing or disabling these unwanted applications from your device not only saves memory but cleans up your home screen so that it ease up your search through apps to find the one app you want. Here is how disable apps in miui.

pre-installed apps

In MIUI, for example, Google Duo (Video calling app from Google) is pre installed. You wont see a easy way to remove duo from your device. There But if follow the below procedure, you can disable/ uninstall any non-critical, unwanted google app from your smartphone without root access.

How to disable/delete unwanted apps from your smartphone?

  • Open play store on your device

Tap on the menu icon on the left, scroll down and find “Help & feedback”, tap on it.

finding the list of all installed apps

You will see a help page. Tap on “BROWSE ALL ARTICLES”. This will list all the Play Store help documents in general. Under “Manage you apps”, tap “Delete or disable apps on Android”.

Tap to go to Application Settings

  • In this page, you can see a direct link to open all installed apps. Tap on “Tap to go to Application Settings”. Don’t confuse this with the one list of apps you directly get from settings. You cannot disable apps from there.

All apps list

The upcoming screen will list all the apps installed on your device. Scroll down and choose the app you want to disable. (Example, Duo). You can see buttons to disable/Uninstall the app. For some apps, the “Disable” button would be grayed out because those apps are critical for the system (Example: Google Play Services). Make sure you are not disabling or removing apps that are required by some other apps.

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Once you tap the button “Disable”, that particular app will be disabled and you wont find it in your home screen. To re-enable apps you need to follow the same procedure and tap on “Enable” for that particular app.

app removed


If you know any other methods for removing the apps in MIUI, please share it in the comments section.

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