Tired of transferring  files from your friend’s laptop computer to yours via copying it first to a pendrive and pasting it on your laptop?. If you have just bought a new laptop and all your data still lies in the old computer, transfer files to new computer takes time if you do it in the old fashioned way. You can now try a better way to do laptop to laptop data transfer without needing additional tools and setups like data transfer cables or routers. The only requirement is that one of your computer should be either running in XP or Windows 7. If this is the scenario, then you can transfer files via creating WiFi Ad Hoc network connection between 2 laptops. In an ad hoc netwok, each node is forwarding data for other nodes and destination nodes are dynamically found based on internet connectivity.

We have almost all our today’s laptops are equipped with a WiFi adapter so that setting up a wireless connection between two or more laptops is easy. In this post I’ll show you how to set-up an ad hoc network to transfer files between two computers.

Create a Wireless ad hoc Network

  • On the Windows 7 computer, open control panel >> Network and Sharing Center.
  • In the window, click on “Setup a new connection or network”.


  • From the new dialog box that pops up, choose ” Setup a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network.


  • Click Next twice and you’ll be prompted to enter the Network name and choose the security profile. Choose any name as you like and, select Security type as WPA2-Personal, Also enter a password that have to entered by other nodes that are trying to connect to this computer. (You can also chose to have an open network, but it not recommended because of security reasons. Your shared files can be accessed by anyone in your premises).
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transfer files from pc to pc

  • After all this, click Next and your ad hoc network will become ready to use. In your task bat click on the network notifications, and it will be like this one below.adhoc4
  • In order to connect other computers to your network, they only have to search for a WiFi connection and connect to it by entering the password.

To transfer files between computers :

Now you’re all set to transfer files from PC to PC.  To share a file or a folder itself, open windows explorer, browse to your desired location, right click on the folder/file, look down to see Share with>> Homegroup(Read/Write), click on it. Now you’ve shared an item in your computer over the network. The connected nodes can be copied from the folder or written into it.

file transfer begins now

How to Share an Internet Connection



In order to share a data connection that you’re already connected, right click on it and select Properties. Select sharing tab and put a tic mark on ” Allow other Network Computers to connect through this computer’s internet connection” and click OK.

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  1. My laptop HP 15 R007TX does not support Bluetooth Driver. Supported OS W8.1

  2. Obviously there are number of ways to handle such data migration or data transfer, one of which is mentioned above. However, if you are not tech savvy or if you don’t have a LAN cable or if you want to avoid going through such a long step to just migrate your data among laptops, I would consider something easier to managesuch as GS RichCopy 360. Its performance is commendable and additional features are also pretty amazing. Also it is compatible with any laptop having Windows XP or above. It worked pretty amazing for me. Hope that might help you as well.

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