If you are using a Xiaomi smartphone, the term Mi cloud would be familiar to you. As part of MIUI, Xiaomi devices lets you sync your data to Xiaomi cloud storage. Using a Xiaomi device, you can save your photos & videos (Gallery), Notes, Contacts, Messages etc to Mi cloud and retrieve whenever you want from anywhere. Xiaomi give 5 GB free space with every smartphone. Also, you can upgrade to Plus, Mega and Ultra plans according to your needs.

But there is something that people dont like about Mi cloud. In Xiaomi smartphones, Mi cloud is enabled by default. This means that once you created a Mi account, your gallery items such as photos and videos, messages, contacts etc will be automatically categorized and uploaded to the Mi server. Even though Xiaomi does this with an intention to help users by backing up their data, most people find it as not respecting their privacy. Also with larger files like videos, it consumes same amount of data which will again cause monetary lose and battery drain.

How to disable Mi Cloud and stop syncing photos and videos?

There is a way to disable Mi cloud and block syncing of data such as photos and videos to the Mi server. OnceĀ  you do this, your data will not be synced.

To do this Go to Settings > Mi Account > tap on Mi Cloud

Now you can see the list of items that currently enabled to be synced under syncing items. This includes Contacts, Messages, Gallery and Notes. You can tap on each individual option and disable it.

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Is it possible to sync only photos not videos?

No. With current MIUI this is not possible. You can either opt for Gallery backup ON which means both photos and videos are synced. Individual options for photos and videos are expected to come in future releases of MIUI.


Other than the above syncing items, there is much more to the sync list. You can view this list by taping “other syncing items”. This includes Call history, WiFi, Calendar, recorder and browser. You can opt to sync any of these items or disable the sync.


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  1. All the sync tabs are off but my photos are still synchronising

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