Children now demand a smartphone at ages as young as 8. This is Generation Z we’re talking about.! kids that don’t know of a world where smartphones and high speed internet don’t exist. But this is also a time where parents need to step up and become more than just regular parents that only take care of their kids in the offline world. They’ve got to work to become eParents and bring up their kids in the online world, too. This is fairly easy to do if you’ve got the right tools and follow these steps. So if you are a parent with kids who are always around smartphones and tablets, android parental monitoring tools can become a great help these days.


Step 1: Get a Monitoring Tool

One of the biggest parenting must-haves, especially if your kids have grown up with smartphones, is a monitoring tool. TrackMyFone Android Monitoring, for instance, is an application that provides parents transparency in their kid’s digital activities. It helps them watch over all the things the kids would rather keep secrets from their parents. This includes text messages, IMs, their exact GPS location (for children that tend for lie to their parents about their whereabouts) and their browser history amongst other things. A monitoring tool is a good investment if you’re going to make sure your kids are staying away from cyberbullies, stalkers, predators and their like.

Step 2: Set Alerts to Stay Vigilant

Another thing that will help you become a better eParent? If you set alerts on your Android monitoring app. TrackMyFone is android monitoring software for parents that allows you to mark certain activities as suspicious. So if get a hunch that someone is sending them inappropriate messages, you can mark that number and contact. You are also able to set geo-fences around locations so you get alerts when your kids enter or leave that place.

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Step 3: eParent on the Regular

The final step to becoming a better eParent is realizing that this is not a onetime thing. ePareting is a full-time job and you’ve got to incorporate it into what you would otherwise call “regular” parenting. So simply installing TrackMyFone or any other android parental monitoring app  on your child’s device won’t be enough. You are going to have to routinely check what your kids are up to. This way you can keep them out of trouble and harm’s way and teach them to use their phones in a responsible way. Remember, all the monitoring will be for nothing if you’re not providing feedback on what is right and wrong. It is never enough to frame your child for their wrongdoings—you’ve got to teach them why something is bad and how it needs to be remedied.

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