The rate at which new technologies arise in the telecom field is nothing short of amazing. I still remember using the Samsung Corby running Java OS and using a BSNL 2G network. This was like 9 years ago. Although 2G and JAVA phones are still around, they have become restricted to the basic mobile phones that you gift your grandparents. Technology has come so far that we are stepping into the age of 5G in the coming years. Mobile internet speeds are going to get to a level that was unimaginable even for Broadband connections in India a decade ago. So how is 5G going to change our lives for the better? Let’s take a look at a few areas that are going to be improved with the arrival of the 5G revolution.

Corporate field

What changes can you expect to see in the corporate field with the arrival of 5G? Well, every aspect of the business using the internet is bound to get faster, that is a given. What other changes or improvements will 5G bring in? The efficiency and rate at which work gets done improve considerably. In addition to this increase in the rate of productivity, office work may not be the norm anymore.

After the Reliance Jio revolutionized the telecom field in 2016 with its affordable 4G plans, many new work-from-home job opportunities were unveiled before the Indian public. Many have started solid careers from their bedrooms like YouTubers, small scale online businesses, etc after the arrival of 4G. With 5G around the corner, many companies may make use of the superior internet speed to encourage remote working possibilities. It is both beneficial to the company and the employee. The daily hours taken for commute in big cities is a big hassle for many Indian office goers. Remote working saves many hours a day and thereby improves the efficiency and work rate of the employees.

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Mobile Gaming and Online Casinos

Mobile games are more popular than ever in our country. With faster internet, hassle-free online gaming becomes possible. More investments are likely to occur in startups aimed at developing online games and casinos. Since the government has encouraged digital currencies in the past, pay-per-view services like Netflix or Amazon prime could also become more popular than they are now with faster internet at the doorstep in India.

Medical Field

A rather surprising application of 5G networks beyond mobile phones comes in the field of surgery. Technology has developed so far that surgeons would be able to perform surgeries from remote locations with pinpoint precisions in the near future. Researches are going on where the Surgeons control a robot from a remote location to conduct surgeries on dummy bodies. The problem with this procedure is that since it is a live procedure, an internet connection with next to no lag is necessary for this technology to work. With the arrival of 5G, this technology is likely to become the norm, if the surgeons are away from work and are needed at the scene urgently.


Self-driving cars are yet to hit the Indian streets. With the arrival of 5G, these cars that communicate with other cars and transmit data while on the roads could be the norm in the future.

The wait for 5G is exciting for sure. The technology is yet to be completely implemented in the first world. So we probably would have to wait three to four years for it to even arrive in the subcontinent. The applications are endless and how easier it is going to make all walks of our lives is uplifting.

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