There are multiple high-quality fitness bands available in the budget price range in the Indian market. Before deciding to buy one, you must search far and wide and compare every product available to one another to see which among the masses suits your requirements. Here we do that job for you. Two of the giants in the market, Xiaomi and Honor has two fitness bands called the Honor Band 5 and Mi Band 4 available in the price range of around 2K INR. Let’s see the pros and cons of both these fitness bands.


Let’s compare the design features of both Fitbit and see which among the two suits your needs.

  • Both the Honor and Xiaomi Fitbits are dustproof and water-resistant making them ideal for outdoor use. Also being sweat-resistant, these gadgets are designed to guide you through your fitness journey. So never worry about damaging your gadgets while jogging outdoors. They have a waterproof depth rating of up to 50m.
  • As far as the screen glass goes, both models have opted for the AMOLED screens. The 0.95-inch screen covered by 2.5Dcurved glass offers reasonable protection against minor physical damages. The 120×120 pixel resolution allows both Fitbit to be read comfortably even in broad daylight.

Functions and Features


  • As far as functionalities go, both Fitbits are equipped with multiple sensors including a heart rate monitor, and an accelerometer.
  • The Mi Band has a Gyroscope that is absent in the Honor Band.


  • Both devices are capable of tracking your distance while jogging or running and also tracking your sleep patterns.
  • Honor Band 5 is capable of detecting activities automatically and tracking elevation.
  • honor also has a built-in six-axis sensor that automatically recognizes the four main swim strokes namely freestyle, butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke). It is capable of recording swimming speed, distance, and calories.
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Other Features

  • Honor has an additional SpO2 monitor which is used to track the oxygen level in your blood and is ideal for athletes working out in high altitudes.
  • Both Fitbits have a silent alarm, smart alarm, notifications, inactivity alerts, and a stopwatch.
  • Honor Band 5 is compatible with third-party heart rate monitors and can control the camera of your smartphone remotely.


  • Honor and Mi Bands are capable of syncing all the recorded data with your mobile phones, Android and iOS wirelessly.
  • Mi Band uses the latest and superior Bluetooth 5.0 version for connecting with your smartphone whereas Honor still relies on the comparatively older 4.2 version.
  • Neither Fitbits have NFCs but then again NFC is a feature more associated with smartwatches rather than Fitbits.


  • Powered by a 100mAh battery, the Honor Band 5 lasts for a full 14 days on a single full charge whereas the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 lasts 20 days with its more powerful 135mAh battery.
  • Both Fitbits can be charged wirelessly and have battery level indicators.


There aren’ t many major differences between these two models from Honor and Mi. Even with pricing, they are more or less on the same range. So here are a few reasons you can look into for choosing the Honor Band 5 over the Xiaomi Band 4.

Reasons to choose Honor Band 5 over the Mi band 4

  • Honor Band can track elevation which is a feature missing in the Xiaomi Mi Band 4.
  • It is also capable of monitoring blood oxygenation levels, a feature that is handy if you are an athlete training at high altitudes.
  • Honor is also compatible with third-party heart rate monitors.
  • It can control your camera remotely for taking selfies.
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If the above-mentioned points are some features that you require in your Fitbit, then, by all means, go for Honor band 5.

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