Huawei honor band 3 is fitness band officially sold by Honor. It is available in India in Amazon for Rs. 2799. Evident from price, it is targeting people who needs a fitness band with all the basic features not making their pocket empty. This posts basically contrasts the major pros and cons of the honor band 3 so that you can take your decision confidently whether to buy this band or check out another one. If  you are planning to buy a smartwatch instead, read the comparison between smart watches and smart fitness bands.

pros and cons of honor band 3

Overview of Honor band 3

  • Honor band 3 is water resistant up to  15 meters
  • Can do sleep tracking
  • Honor band 3 has a heart rate sensor
  • Provides smart notifications for incoming calls, messages , you can actually reject a call.
  • This fitness band supports automatic activity detection which is usually not the cup of tea for budget bands (Generally more expensive bands do it)

From the above points, honor band 3 has almost all the feature that you would ever need for a basic fitness band in this price point. Lets checkout whether all these features works perfectly, how is battery life, the advantage and the disadvantages.

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Pros and Cons of Honor Band 3


iOS compatibility

Honor band 3 is compatible with iOS. If you have an iPhone you can start using this band by pairing it through Bluetooth and downloading the supporting apps from iTunes.

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You can set what type of notifications for which you want your band to alert you. It can include SMS, email, WhatsApp etc. The app provided lets you control the notifications.


It shows you the time and the number of steps walked in one screen directly on the first press of the button. Other fitness bands like the Mi band 2 shows the number of steps and other info only when you tap into the details. This feature really saves time. Also, display of honor band 3 shows you much more details in one go than what other band can display.

detailed display in honor band 3

Also, when you press and hold the button, it displays more information on your activities which is cool.

Hear rate sensor

It detects your heart rate automatically over certain intervals and shows you an overview in the health app. This feature is nice because you can analyze your workout patterns and really track the heart rate peek and resting heart rate. Moreover the heart rate sensor is accurate in comparison with other budget fitness bands.

Sleep tracking

This band shows you better sleep tracking data. If you open the Huawei app, you can really find out your sleep timings and the app will provide you a sleep score on the sleep quality. Based  on this you can re-arrange your sleep timings for better sleep.


Battery life

poor battery life

If you look at the cover that this bands comes, honor claims that this band can provide 30 days battery life. It is funny that this is far away from truth.

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With all the features on (Including continuous heart rate detection and sleep tracking), it lasts about 5-6 days.

With continuous heart rate detection OFF and sleep tracking ON, it lasts about 7 days.

So you can realistically expect about 6-8 days of battery life. If you look at other bands of the same price, battery life is poor on honor band 3.

Apps to be installed

With all fitness bands it is obvious that you need to install some supporting apps since the bands comes with a small display where you can really see all the data. But with honor band 3, you have to install 3 apps before using it. It could have been better if they combine these apps into a single app.

Few other cons:

  • You cant control music using this band where other bands supports it.
  • The band is attached to the strap, you cant remove the tracker like you do in Mi band 2.
  • Display washes off in sunlight.
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  1. How to set 12hour format time, I can’t find the option

    1. Go to date and time settings on your mobile and just change the setting from 24 hrs to 12 hrs. Your band time settings will change automatically.

  2. How the call rejection option works… I don’t know how to set that feature

  3. Can i messure blood pressure With this band?

  4. Can u reply messages with the honor band 3 ?

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