When it comes to Xiaomi mobiles  like Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 4 etc, It all runs in MIUI 8 which is a very unique and fetaure rich android UI out there. There are many things that you think you can only achieve by installing a third party app – like hiding or locking apps, or hiding messages is integrated to MIUI. Especially with latest MIUI 8 in hand, you are power packed with all the necessary features that you need in your smart phone.

Many of us don’t like to hide an application, just because if they  are frequently used apps, as it takes time to unlock it. If you ever want to hide messages from only certain contacts to be hidden without locking the entire message application?.  Well, if you are using any Xiaomi phone running MIUI, you should be able to do this with few taps.

The best part is that it acts as a inbuilt message locker, and only messages from certain contacts will be locked. That way, you can access your normal messages easily, without unlocking the messaging app, but your message from that particular  contact will be secured using a password or safety pattern.

How to hide / lock messages from specific contacts

  • Open Messaging application
  • Swipe down till half way from the top. You will be prompted to enter your phone password or patter lock or fingerprint.

swipe down for hidden private messaging section

  • Once you have authorized, you will be taken to a screen where it will display all private messages. On the bottom, tap on “Private messaging settings”.
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autorization required for private messages

  • Here you can add the contacts you want the messages from them to be hidden. You also have an option to enable or disable the messages notification from these contacts.

add a private contact

  • You are all set up.

From now onward, any text message that comes from the selected contacts will be hidden in this message vault or as Xiaomi call it Private message. You can view or reply to these hidden messages by opening the messaging app and swiping down. If you already have some messages from these contacts  ?. Well, that should be already hidden.

Please note that this does not affect your WhatsApp or Facebook messages. They will work as before. The above tip to hide messages from specific contacts is only applicable to carrier texts.

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