In my previous post, I have shared how we can open a hidden app without unhiding it. A very common question you might ask first of all is how to hide them. Lets see in various ways you can hide apps in android if you are using Xiaomi phone like Redmi Note 3, Note 4 etc. All these methods to hide apps in MIUI are very easy to follow, does not require root access and completely free ways.

 1. Use App Invisible feature.

If you are still using the beta versions of MIUI, you are just few taps away from hiding apps. There is something called beta features in MIUI 8 (removed from later versions). Apps invisible is one of such feature you can use to hide apps in your phone.

How to access app invisible feature?

Go to settings > Additional settings > Beta features > tap on app invisible.

app invisible feature to hide apps in miui

Now, its very easy for you to set things up here. Just toggle the buttons near to each app you want to hide from being seen from home screen or any other screen. Tap OK.

2. Use Second Space

The app invisible feature is very handy feature for a phone. But it has been disabled from the stable versions of MIUI 8 because of some issues. Most users doesn’t have beta version in their phones , so most of them wont be benefited from the above way. But don’t lose your hopes, still there are ways to hide apps from the UI. One of such is to use Second space which is a very exciting feature of MIUI 8. Second space is more than just hiding your apps. Enabling second space will create a separate space on your phone. It is like having two devices¬† (virtually) in a single physocal phone. Let’s see how to hide your apps using Second Space feature.

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How to enable Second Space feature?

Go to settings > Second Space > tap on Turn on Second Space.

second space feature in miui 8turn on second space to hide apps

It will create a new space on your phone and take you there. There you will see only the default apps and settings, like when you just bought your phone.

manage second space

Now, install all the apps in this space where you want to hide. Now, the “First Space” is your normal space, and “Second Space” is your hidden space.

Note: Keep a note of your Mi Account password, it will be asked when you try to delete second space later.

3. Use a 3rd party launcher app

If you are not satisfy with Second space, I would suggest you to use some custom launchers to hide apps. Almost all the popular launchers like Nova launcher prime, ZENUI launcher etc has an app hider associated with it. All you want to do is just select the apps you want to hide. Lets take Apex launcher which is a very popular among android users and free too.

  • Install Apex launcher from play store
  • Just tap on the Apex launcher icon on your home screen to activate.
  • Now, to hide apps, tap on the Apex settings from the home screen. Tap on Drawer settings > Hidden apps

launcher app to hide apps

toggle hide apps

Select the apps you want to hide, and tap on save.If you want to set Apex launcher as your default, press home button and you will see a pop-up asking you to choose your default launcher.

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  1. Tried this, but almost all these launchers have ads which pop up from time to time, which is quiet annoying. Are there any additional free launchers which you can suggest?

  2. Good advice

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