When it comes to sharing your creativity around, it takes a little effort. So is making your videos compatible for sharing among social media or burning it to a disk for giving it to your friends. Converting videos and audio from a digital device, smartphones or professional cameras is always a task which consumes time and if not properly done will ruin the hard work. A good video converting tool is key to get your videos converted quickly spending fewer resources. HD Video Converter Factory Pro is such a software that provides easy input methods, efficient conversion and thereby reducing the effort you spend on making your videos ready to share.

In the age where even smartphones can record 4K videos, HD Video Converter Factory Pro can be a good companion as it easily converts HD/4K video to numerous other formats and resolutions. The software aims to convert more than 300 video formats and devices. More often you might want to cut down the size of a video without trimming the parts off. This software will allow you to downsize the video/audio without noticeable loss of quality. This will let you share the videos in WhatsApp where currently the max allowed size is 15 MB.

I have used this software myself before writing this review and will list the pros and cons that we have noticed regarding the UI (user interface), conversion time, formats supported and overall experience. Here’s the unbiased review of HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

Let me list out the main features of HD Video Converter Factory Pro

  • Lets you convert SD video to HD and vice versa
  • Up to 5X compression Rate
  • Built-in audio converter that helps the original audio quality to be retained
  • Convert online videos to your preferred formats and store on your computer
  • Remove unwanted parts of the video
  • Merge videos
  • Add effects
  • Fix the video/audio sync problems
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and the list goes on. One thing you notice right away after starting to use this application is its very intuitive yet simple UI. It clearly shows the input methods so that user don’t have to click on the unnecessary button and mess something which could cause to start over.

You have two input options.

  1. Add files from your local disk (Audio/Video)
  2. Download a video which is hosted on a server by giving its URL.

Both options work quite flawlessly. The videos get imported very quickly. We can select multiple videos and import them at once. Once your videos are in the pane, you can worry about the settings to be chosen so that you get the adequate output. To select the output format, click on the small down arrow on the right side. This will pop up a bunch of options.

Here’s what I liked this software the most. Each conversion option is organized into categories like brands. For example, I can convert the videos to suit my Samsung Galaxy phone exclusively so that I can make sure it works the best in it. You get so many categories like Web supported formats like HTML5, WebM, SWF etc. I’m sure you will get overwhelmed by the options you get once you open the conversion options.

There’s also a compression slider available which lets you choose the compression percentage you want your videos to be compressed.

Conversion Speed

Usually, video conversion takes up a lot of time, this software doesn’t do any magic that will get your videos converted in seconds if it is big. But one thing it does is that it manages the resources quite well so that your computer won’t get slowed down or affect other apps performances at any time during conversion.

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It took around 30 minutes to convert a 720p HD video shooted on a Handycam sizing around 131 MB to WebM format with 35% compression rate. The length of the video was around 5 minutes and 50 seconds. Comparing this with other video converters, these results are impressive.

Edit output video

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro will also let you do some editing on the output video. This is a good thing as you don’t have to rely on a separate software for basic things like mosaic, blur, sharpen, emboss, noise etc.

You can purchase the software from the Wonderfox website given below. You can try the trial version without purchasing which has some limitations like

  • Limited to convert the 5-minute length of each video and audio.
  • Limited to download 5 files from the internet
  • Slower conversion

Download WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

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