Google’s Android Device Manager to Find Lost Phones

Google has announced a service called Android Device Manager that would help users to find their lost android devices. This is similar to the already established iOS Find My iPhone feature. The new service from Google is also similar to the apple, let users to find their phone on a map in real-time. The service will be available to all Android phones having Froyo or newer versions of android.


You can do three things using this service. It locates your phone on a map, you can wipe all the data in it and switch on the ring so the device will ring in maximum volume even if it is silenced. Especially the third feature is useful not only in case of burglary also it helps users to find their phones when leaves on couch cushions with low ringing volume or silent state. In a situation where you lost the phone outside home, you will be able to locate it if it is turned on and follow in real-time to find it.

The new service from Google allows users to find the stolen phones, and helps us to wipe off the data before it reaches in wrong hands. A new website will be opened shortly for this service as well as an android app accompanying the site for customers to make use of this service in a better manner.

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