Google Stock Keyboard App for Android – Download APK

Higher versions of android always get better apps like new keyboard app developed by Google. If your device has Androd 4.0 or later, then you’re ready to experience the new stock keyboard app from Google. According to a post published on official Android Google+ page, the new Google keyboard app let you have Nexus typing experience on your android phone or tablet. At present the app only present in certain English-speaking locales, luckily Indian users can download it from Playstore



Features Description

The new android keyboard app from Google has  libraries for 26 languages, and has Gesture Typing ( with dynamic floating preview) which is similar to swipe keyboard but more responsive and less errors. Automatic error corrections and word predictions are not new in keyboard apps but got a Google touch so these automation have much more sense while we actually using it. You can also type messages fast by using the voice type technology by Google.

the Google keyboard has dozen of advanced layouts. Landscape mode gives you more fast and reliable typing even if the screen size is not very large. For Google Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 can also update with this new keyboard app so they can have new features that Google pushes out without waiting for OS updates.

Other than downloading from Google Play, you can download the Google keyboard APK file from this link.

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