Google Play Newsstand : Manually Add an RSS Feed

For organizing magazine subscriptions from popular magazines and feed updates from known websites, Google had two separate apps called Play Magazines app and Currents respectively. Google now rolling in the two experience into one app called Google Play Newsstand. It is somewhat very pleasing to see that Newsstand takes articles from 1900 plus free and paid magazines and websites and optimizes the data to view & experience perfectly on a touch screen smart device. this means that you can now use a single app to see all news and information from various news websites like The New York Times and, Huffington Post and forget switching between individual app of each news paper. In short Newstand gives you a much optimized and platform to manage all your subscriptions in one place. The Read Now section is wonderfully filled with latest nes and updates around the world on various fields including Technology, Business Health, entertainment etc.

Have you checked out Newsstand by downloading from it to your android phone or tablet. BTW if you are unsure about how to add an RSS feed manually into Newsstand, here’s our help. In Currents it was done by some mess with the side-out bar at the left, newsstand makes it even more simple. If you previously used Currents then every subscriptions should be migrated over to the Newsstand app.


In order to add a basic feed to this app, just search for the feed,or copy the entire feed URL to the search box you can find a box that can add under Feeds. This should be clear from the screenshot.

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add feed

However Newsstand is not yet available in India to download from store.s

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