Google Pixel XL users have been experiencing Bluetooth issues after the latest Android 10 update. Some have had issues connecting their Pixel phone to their cars or other Bluetooth accessories. In this article, we list a few quick fixes to solve these connection issues.


Easy Fixes

Primary Fix

First of all, try the most basic fixes to see if it solves issues with Bluetooth on your Google Pixel phones. The primary fix when it comes to everything electronic is to turn it off and back on again. Turn your Bluetooth ON and OFF to see if it connects with your accessories. You will be able to do this through the settings app on your Pixel. The option to turn on/off Bluetooth will be found in the ‘Connection preferences’ tab in the “Connected Devices” menu. You will see the option Bluetooth along with Wi-Fi and many others. Turn it off and back on again to see if the problem associated with connecting to a Bluetooth accessory is solved.

Secondary Fix

The secondary basic fix to see if the problem is solved is to make sure the Bluetooth accessory is paired with your Google Pixel and is connected. Note that, if you have paired the accessory with your phone once before, then it will always stay paired until you manually unpair them. There are two different methods via you can check the pairing status for Bluetooth

  • Via Settings App

The pairing status of all the Bluetooth accessories whether they are fast or slow can be checked through the “settings” app. As mentioned in the primary basic fix, check whether Bluetooth has turned on from the settings app. Once the Bluetooth function is on, all the nearby devices can detect your phone. Now to pair a new device with your phone, tap on the option “Pair new device”. Tapping on the names of the accessories displayed will immediately pair them with your Google Pixel phone. Incase any passcode is required, “0000” is the most commonly used passcode for pairing Bluetooth accessories.

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  • Via notifications

This method is specific to accessories that can “fast pair”. Any accessories that have this feature will have the tags “Made by/for Google” on its manufacturer details. You will have to have the Bluetooth and Location turned on to use this feature. To pair these fast pairing devices, turn them on, put them in the pairing mode and place them near the Pixel. Now you will get the notification to pair the device to your Google Pixel. After tapping on the notification, pairing will be completed and you will get the corresponding notification indicating the same.

Tertiary Fix

Finally, if none of the 2 steps above fix your problem, try restarting your Google Pixel as a whole to see if the Bluetooth issue is solved.

Specific Fixes

Now let’s see a few specific fixes for specific Bluetooth accessories and see if it fixes the Bluetooth connection problem of your Google Pixel phone.

Pairing your Pixel with your Car/Accessory

If you are not able to pair your Google Pixel with your Car/Accessory, try deleting all the Bluetooth connection history between the 2 devices. That is, use the “Forget device” option in the settings app to delete the car/accessory from your devices on the phone and do the same with the Car. Use the Car’s manual to see how you can delete the phone from its device lists. Now start fresh and connect them again to see if the problem is over.

Issues with audio

If the connection issue is over, and the problem persists with the audio follow the steps below. The audio volume level might be low in the settings of the phone. Turn it up to a suitable level if you can’t hear music or hear the voice calls.

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After following all the steps above, if the problem with connecting to the Bluetooth device is still there, then the problem might be with the hardware. If you are not able to connect any accessory with your phone, while they keep connecting to other phones with Bluetooth, take your phone to the nearest service center to get your Bluetooth module replaced. Also, check if the issue is with the accessory by trying to connect it with other smartphones.



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