Google Person Finder to Find or Report Missing People from Uttarkhand

Yesterday the web search giant, Google launched Google Person Finder web service that would help people to find their friends and relatives after the floods got hit Uttarakhand, in India. Google person finder is a web application that allows us search for missing people and post for them which would help to find them much quickly.

people finder

this application is not new but it was first used in 2010 after the earthquake in Haiti and recently after Boston Marathon Bombings. this app also lets press agencies, non-governmental agencies contribute to database and receive updates. Clicking the below link will take you to the Google person finder application web page;

the page let you do two things. Click on “I’m looking for someone” if you’re looking for someone who is missing, and click “I have information about someone” if you have it.  the use of this application is limited in india because most places across the state is out of power and cells and tablets must’ve lost their battery life by now.  however this can be used by other persons out of the area and organizations to find people in an effective way.


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