Google Camera : Improved Alternative for Stock Camera App

Google has launched a new camera app that seems a great improvement and functionality over the stock camera app. It supports many creative picture modes like Photo Sphere, Lens Blur and Panorama. Unfortunately the new camera app will only support android devices with version 4.4+ Kitakat ¬†only. If your device is compatible, you can download the Google camera from Play store. Once you’ve downloaded the app, it will replace the stock camera app on the device. Nexus devices will get the new camera app within an automatic update.


Photo Sphere is an image capture technique which enables us to view the captured image from several view points up, down and all around the scene while normal photos only permits a single view points. By this way we can sense different aspects of a single photograph.

photo sphere

Lens blur is another picture mode which is commonly available in Lens cameras allows us to defocus/blur the background while contrasting the focused object. You have a slider to change the amount of blur you apply after taking the photograph.This makes the pictures more professional and look like it is taken on an SLR-camera. Your original camera app may have the panorama option but the Google camera supports Panorama mode with high resolution.


This app replicates many of the features from the Kitkat stock app in Nexus but it introduces a prettier user interface. It is much easier to use , options and controls are very easily accessible. It offers a larger capture button and 100% viewfinder enables you to capture pictures in maximum resolution and make sure there is no drop pixels.

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