Get Alerts About Police Traps on Waze Android App

Travelling is fun when we hangout with our friends. But what about police camera traps and unexpected traffic hikes?. It spoils the thrill as well as the fun element. Waze is a social, GPS based application for maps & traffic which is available to download on your smartphone. It is a crowd powered social app that join forces with other drivers nearby so we could save time by getting early alerts on traffic, find the nearest gas station etc.

Everyone who uses Waze can be contributed to report traffic information in local cities on the map, report accidents, hazards, police, speed trackers so that the others who come along that route can use these data. It helps you to simplify meeting up and coordinate with friends on the road. This application is available for Android as well as iOS.


Here are some of its major features:

  • Live map – user reported real time traffic info
  • Get alerts about accidents, police traps, hazards etc
  • Navigation is completely voice guided
  • Re-routing as per the shortest best way
  • Find cheapest and nearest petrol pumps/gas stations
  • Report speed tracking camera

It’s interesting that most people in our local area has using this app to fool speed tracker cameras placed by police on our Highways. In Waze app, these’s an option called ” Report camera” . Once a user has reported this camera, it is marked on the map so that other users come along that way get alerts before 500 meters far.

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