In case you are the person that your relatives and buddies normally call when they have laptop or computer problems, then probably you may have already done things like equipping a USB stick or external hard disk with special software programs crucial to carry out the most diverse operations and repairs. Then here is an awesome tool for you – GEGeek Tech Toolkit, a suite of more than 300 portable software programs to take with you when you have to work on a PC that is not functioning properly.It is your one stop computer maintenance tool kit.

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GEGeek Tech Toolkit is a computer maintenance tool kit that has a multitude of softwares for Windows, most of which are intended for the monitoring and repair of the computer system. In the suite, there are programs such as Chrome and Firefox in portable versions, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Java, 7-Zip, Rapid Environment Editor, HostsEditor, Speedfan, MemTestPro, Process Monitor, CCleaner, Virustotal Scanner, CurrPorts, WSUS Offline Update, Revo Uninstaller and many more. GEGeek Tech Toolkit “weighs” about 600 MB and once downloaded and when unzipped the monster’s size is 1. 20 GB ( and 2.8GB after Ketarin update). Well that’s pretty cool for a computer maintenance tool kit eh ?.

Anyways, after that download, you need to copy it to a USB flash drive which has atleast 2 GB capacity. The programs of the suite are sorted into folders by type. Now, find the software of interest to you. That is quite easy. Right ? In case you are launching the executable ” GEGeek Toolkit. exe “from the root directory, you can browse and launch programs using the suite from the notification area of the Windows taskbar by right-clicking mouse icon GEGeek Toolkit.

Launching the GEGeek toolkit from the root directory

Launching the GEGeek toolkit from the root directory

A great feature of GEGeek Toolkit is the ability to effortlessly check if there are any updates available for the software programs in the suite.Now that is a feature of top priority for any computer maintenance tool kit, right ? This is made possible by the tool “Ketarin” included in GEGeek Toolkit. So once a month, or at least before using the suite it is highly recommended to check the availability by updates of programs. This  can be done from the root directory : Run the file ” Run KetarinUpdate.bat ” to load the interface with which Ketarin will check for the latest updates and proceed to download them.

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The interface of ketarin that checks for updates

Here you can check for program updates, before selecting them all with the shortcut Ctrl + A, then press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + U. To download the available updates (for each program in the list are reported in the column ” Status “with the notification” Update available “) altogether simultaneously, press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + U. On the other hand, it is also possible to upgrade the software of the suite of self-interest one at a time or only specific selected groups, not necessarily all 300. For advanced users and technicians who often have to work with Windows PC, GEGeek Toolkit is out there. It’s a great toolbox to take with you, maybe to integrate with other software that has already been used to use in these situations.

You can download the powerful GEGeek Tech Toolkit for free, by clicking here.

UPDATE (Thanks to Heinz who gave us this quick update) : GEGeek Tech Toolkit is no longer free. The developer has decided to implement a one time donation scheme. So if you want the GEGeek Tech Toolkit, you will have to make a donation to obtain the download link.


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  1. A little update:
    it is now not free anymore. If you still want it, you have to pay, even if it is all freeware.

    1. Thanks for that quick update, Heinz. I have updated the post with the same.

  2. FYI – my recent experience is that if your ‘donation’ isn’t what he finds ‘reasonable’ you will not get the download link either. I emailed a couple of times, he opted to refund.

    I’m skeptical of his ‘donation’ setup…if he want’s to sell it, sell it…don’t call it a donation, then not follow through. Just my 2 cents.

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