Galaxy S5 Supports 128GB SanDisk microSD cards

SanDisk now produces high capacity microSd cards that has a memory capacity of 128 GB and it is now available in the market for Rs. 9,999. This microSDXC UHS-I  SD card is designed to deliver twice the speed of ordinary microSD cards. This item was introduced during the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, this February.


Samrtphones like Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 now supports this kind of microSD cards so we can expect more companies to produce high capacity memory cards. Even if this card costs almost much a smartphone itself, people who buys higher end smartphones would buy this one too since today’s smartphones are capable of recording full HD movies and to store HD content.  The present day mobile phones only have maximum of 64 GB internal storage capacity, the one like iPhone 5s.

As already benn said, the Ultra microSDXC UHS-I memory card deliver twice the speed of normal micro SD cards which are available today, this enables quick capture of high resolution photos and videos and their playback. According to the SanDisk officials, 128 Gb memory card is created by stacking 16GB memory dies vertically, each one only has size thinner than one strand of hair.

SanDisk Memory Zone app is a standard application that lets you manage the files. Optimem is a new feature available for Android users which constantly monitor the memory usage in your phone and allows you to transfer some of the old contend such a s photos and videos to memory card so that you’ll be never run out of phone memory. In addition to this, by using this app users can easily backup all files in the microSd card to a convenient place.

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