The Future J3 is a relatively new In-Ear earphone in budget range. It is available exclusively on Amazon and will reach you within couple of days after ordering. Here’s a review of the Future J3 earphone which is less known but gaining popularity since I can see many people ordering the earphone just by hearing the reviews from other who already bought it.

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Let us start with a quick overview of the features of Future J3

  • High quality bass driven stereo sound
  • Sturdy and unique construction
  • Tangle free cable
  • Built-in mic
  • Available in silver and gold colors

The best thing about this earphone you see is its the rating given by its users. When I came across the Amazon product page for the first time to checkout the reviews, I though it as some kind of scam. I ordered it anyway thinking that I can at least review the product. The product came one day late but with a very good and stylish package.

Future J3 Earphones Review

Design and build quality

The design may not be ass good as earphones from brands such as JBL, Sennheiser but it is not poorly built. The Future J3 wire is covered with a plastic tube which is not the sexiest thing you’ll find, but does its job of protecting the cable from wearing off and tangling too much. A fabric coating like we see on Mi earphones would have been perfect but this one is not very bad either.

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The eartips and the encasing cap is quite nicely built. The capsule is made of metal, the eartips are angled to fit perfectly on the ear. It provides adequate noise isolation but not too much to cut-off all the noises outside.

Coming to the mic and the control buttons, you might feel a little disappointed since you have got only one button as a control option. You dont have a volume control button on this, but the single button will allow you to take and reject calls, skip tracks etc.

The audio 3.5 mm jack is made of high quality material and it is gold plated to ensure better connectivity.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Future J3 earphone is surprisingly good for its price. As the advertising says, it has got very good bass and even in high volumes with equalizer on, it never stutters or attenuates. (I have tested this with Poweramp, a well known music player for Android). The vocals are very clear, this earphone does not have a tendency to demean the vocals like other bass oriented earphones do.


This may not be the best earphones ever in budget range, but definitely one of the best earphone out there you can buy in case if you are looking for a budget earphone with good bass and built in mic. There are other similar options to purchase like Evidson Audio B3 , and JBL C100SI but the Future J3 is a competitor to all these and you wont simply go wrong if you have decided to buy it.

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Buy Future J3 Deep Bass In-Ear, Metallic Wired earphone ( TPE Cable ) with mic

Future J3 Earphones




Build Quality


Sound Quality



  • Good bass
  • Good build quality
  • Overall good sound signature
  • In built mic


  • No volume control button
  • Moderate wire quality
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