Youtube was the main music listening online app for Indians for a long time. The high data it would require to listen to music videos on youtube in addition to next to no feature of options like loop playlists, music streaming services have become more popular in the last few years. While in the US, people pay to listen to music on their iPhone or via Amazon, you can expect to gross money via online music streaming. People would much rather pirate the songs in India. This is because there are no strict rules against such piracies in the country. Then came the apps that allowed users to stream music online for free. Their income coming from Ads popping up in the app. People who buy premium versions of these offline free music listening apps were able to listen without ads. Here are the best apps to listen to free music in India.

Best Free Music Listening Apps In India


apps to listen to free music in India.
With Spotify, you will be able to stream songs or podcasts for free. You can also download to listen to them offline.  Searching for trending music and listening to them has never been this easy. Spotify is a latecomer to the Indian market. But has one of the largest collections of music on the internet. Pop, classic, metal, doesn’t matter what genre you prefer, Spotify would have a playlist of the greatest songs in the genre.

Custom made a playlist and ready-made playlist for every mood and situations are available on the app. You can also stream radio stations from across the Globe to listen to music from foreign lands. To download and listen to songs offline however, you would need to buy the premium version of the app. It has no ads or commercials which makes it the best app available on the Google playstore that serves this purpose.

Gaana Music

Free Music Listening AppsThe app has a free and unlimited collection of songs of every genre and every language in India. Over thirty million songs are available in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Kannada, Odia, Bengali, etc. From classical music to the latest trending music, Gaana has them all. The music streamed is of the highest quality. Playlists created by other users are available to suit your moods. It also has the feature to listen to nonstop radio and over twenty Radio Mirchi stations. Music is updated daily in the app and the UI is available in ten different languages.

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You will be able to download unlimited songs offline and listen to them without the internet. The app can sync your downloads on five different devices. The download feature is available only for premium users.

YouTube Music

Free Music Listening Apps

YouTube Music is a music app from Google that allows you to listen to music for free. You will get recommendations on trending and popular music in your location. Ad-free music player feature is available for purchase from youtube. Youtube music also features the incredible AI of Google in that you can identify music easily even if you just type a small part of the lyrics. This unique feature is not available in other apps where you have to search for the song title itself. You can listen to music ad-free if you buy the premium version.


free music download

Formerly called as Saavn, now the new JioSaavn lets you listen to over fifty million songs from all over the world. More regional content is available in the app than any other app below on the list. An unlimited amount of music can be played online free of charge using this app. It gives you recommendations of music based on your history. It also has exclusive content like podcasts. A pro version can be listened to after buying the premium version. You will be able to download music of the highest quality using the pro version.

Wynk Music

apps to download free music
Wynk Music has a large collection of Indian music with over four million songs in their arsenal of all genres. Music in Hindi, English, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, etc is available on Wynk. The app provides quality music streaming services with tons of recommended music and playlists for every situation. You can create your own playlists as well. You will be able to listen to long hours of free music on internet radio as well. As with many other apps on this list, this one too survives from ad revenue. But users can buy an ad-free version to listen to music without any interruptions.

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Hungama Music

download free music


Hungama features of songs of all genres and languages from Ghazals toRock music and from Hindi and english to music in regional languages. It also consists of online radio with on-demand music channels for users to enjoy. You can create playlists and playlist for every mood is available on the app. You can listen to music offline as well without ads. The music is of HD quality.


Free Music – Download Music Free

Free Music Listening Apps

This music downloader app enables you to download music on your phone and it works well in offline mode as well. It consists of a large collection of music to listen to. The music available on the app is available to listen for free under the Creative Commons Attribution License. It contains over a million songs of the highest sound quality. The multi download option is also available. You can create playlists and default playlists for every mood is available on the app. The collection of music in regional languages is pretty low.

Free Music

Free Music Listening Apps

The app gives free access to millions of free songs. The app uses advanced artificial intelligence to recommend your favorite music. You will be able to download your favorite music on the go. The auto-suggestions are according to the local listening history. The app consists of lots of songs from the oldest to the newest. All the genres of music are included including classical, falt, folk, heavy metal, hip hop, etc. All the major music file formats are supported in this app like AAC, AMR, FLAC, MP3, MIDI, PCM, WAVE, etc.

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Free Music – Unlimited offline Music download free

best free music apps

This app features all the latest music. It will let you stream good high-quality music for free. All genres from Hip Hop, Latin, reggae, pop, etc are available. The playlists are recommended to you according to your taste. You can create custom playlists and organize your music. It also has a section for the popular trending music of the week so that you would be in the loop about what is happening in the world of music. The app also has a floating player feature which comes in handy if you are multitasking. It is a licensed app and it plays you music from youtube.

Free Music

free musicYou will be able to play free music both online and offline using this app. Music of all genres is available in plenty in this app. All the hot genres like R&B, pop, hip hop is covered in this app. You can also play local songs saved n your local memory. It supports all music file formats like MP3, AAC, AMR, etc. Playlists are recommended to you according to your taste. You can create custom playlists and organize your music. It also has a section for the popular trending music of the week so that you would be in the loop about what is happening in the world of music. The UI of the app is amazing and simple.

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