How many of you guys think seriously about keeping a backup of your smartphone ? I know there won’t be many in number. We’re usually a bit lazy on this until something catastrophic happens. Have you ever thought about in what aspect Apple kills Android ? It is Backup. iCloud allows you to save your entire phone stuff into the online storage and this makes sure that you are never going to lose any of the apps or data. On the other hand, android also have some apps that allow you to keep backup of your gadget but most of them require you to root your phone.  Here’s some of those apps which can be used to take a backup of your phone without rooting.

1. Helium

The same guys at ClockworkMod came up with a more simplistic backup solution for the users called Helium. The main advantage of this app is you can easily backup your phone which do not have root permissions using a Companion desktop app. You can backup your data to either your SD card or to cloud storage.  After installing the desktop application, connect your phone to PC using data cable. Now it will provide option for backing up data.


2. Super Backup

Super backup is another app which doesn’t require root and have a much simpler UI. Using this app you can backup your apps, contacts and SMS, call logs, bookmarks and calenders to the SD card or Google account. Keep note that if your phone has inbuilt memory, then the default backup location will be this internal memory. So if you’re going to factory reset your device, always copy the backup folder to your SD card before doing it. With super backup app you can also schedule automatic backup and further ensures that you won’t lose a single bit of information from your mobile.

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3. G Cloud Backup

You could get upto 10 GB of free space online using G Cloud backup service which is literally enough for storing all your data in your phone like contacts, messages, pictures, music, videos and much more. The app also features automatic scheduling of backup and schedule when WiFi is available. It will also enable protection of your apps via a pass code. After all, it doesn’t require any special permissions or root access.


4. Holo Backup

No longer available

If you android version is 4.0 or above then you can use the holo backup. It doesn’t require your phone to be rooted for the backup to work. Another important point is that the backup made on your phone cant be restored to another device. Also make sure that USB debugging is enabled on your phone before using the holo backup app.


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