Four Android Apps to Automatically Rotate Wallpaper

We change our smartphone wallpapers more often for the first few days of purchasing it. We all know how boring it is to see the same colors and background. Do you think of some apps to do the wallpaper changing for you automatically. Yes, there are some apps for this that will automatically rotate wallpapers for you with a preset timing period. We know Windows 7 &8 on our laptops already have this feature inbuilt but for android, third party apps have to be used. Here’s four of such apps that will help you do this.

1. Wallpaper Changer

Like all others, I put this free app on top of the list and it is the post popular wallpaper switching app. This one allows you to switch the wallpapers that you select by tapping a widget button or you can enable a periodic timer that will rotate the background images automatically. Images in the gallery/sd card can be easily added to this application.


2.  Wallpaper Switch

No longer available

This app is similar to previous one but switching using the latest quality wallpapers from You can rotate from selected categories or add a custom one by yourself. You can keep track of your previously used wallpapers and also share wallpapers via messaging and social networking like Facebook.


3.  Rotating Wallpaper

This is a very simple version of the app that could create various list or categories based on the wallpapers that you chose from already downloaded images. It can display wallpapers randomly or according to round robin algorithm. Like other apps the time interval can be configured according to your choice.

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4. Wallpaper Change At..

No longer available

How about  changing your wallpaper to a specific one on the day or a day before your friend’s birthday?. Wallpaper Change At does this automatic wallpaper on an event basis. This will surely help you if you are having the habit of sliding through the remainders and totally forget them. This app changes your wallpaper at chosen days with chosen images. Although it is functionally unique from other apps, we cant set the time period for how long it should be displayed etc. But it is still useful. Also remember this app is not available in Google Play store.


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