Xiaomi’s MIUI is  one of the most widely used android skins out there. MIUI provides plenty of options for customization and theming.

But one major thing that irritates the MIUI users is it doesn’t allow you to expand certain apps notifications so that you can get a brief about it. This usually happens to people who owns Xiaomi smartphones like Redmi Note 4,  Note 3, Mi Mix, Mi 5 etc.

I wouldn’t say  MIUI completely lacks the feature of expanding the notifications such as WhatsApp messages and emails since I have posted earlier about how to read WhatsApp messages without opening the app in MIUI.

Even though MIUI has the ability to expand the notification blocks to get some extra information, it is not suffice many times especially if there are multiple messages of emails to read. Reading a message from within the notification is one of the perks obviously a smartphone owner expects when the phone has a screen size to handle it.

How to overcome the limitations of MIUI notifications shade

One way to overcome this issue is to use some third party apps to replace the existing notification panel to androids stock notification. Material Notification Shade is one such app which enables the MIUI users to get rid of the problematic MIUI notifications bar to a more stock like notification shade.

Download Material Notification Shade

Once you have installed the app, tap on the icon in home screen and hit ON/OFF toggle. It will ask 3 permissions for the first time, you probably have to give all 3, you’re done. You can swipe from top of the screen to reach the new notification shade.

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replacing notification  panel in miui

As you can see from the screenshot, I have a notification from Gmail. I have both the REPLY and DELETE options alongside the notification itself. This means that dont have to do any swiping any more to view and act on the notifications. Also, you can see more content of the message than you used to get while you are using the MIUI notifications.

better notifications

Additionally, the swipe option still works. If you have more number of notifications, using the pinch out swipe action on each notification will give you more details.

Though this app works quite well, I see some bugs with it. One thing is that you will still get the old notifications shade if you swipe down from anywhere except from the top of the scree. Also, the status bar icons for some apps wont be displayed often.

If the above issues are not big deals, this app is worth a try. Please let me know your opinions in the comments below.

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