Fix Read Only File System Error While Linking Apps to SD Card Partition

I have been using Link2SD since my android phone is little old and it doesn’t have enough memory to hold all my apps. There is a usual error that might encounter while using secondary partition of your SD card to store/link apps is that the partition my get corrupted and it will show an error message when we try to Link a particular application. Apps that are already linked will work fine but you can’t link new applications.

Actually when your 2nd partition of SD card becomes read-only, it may be most probably due to a file system error corruption. On Linux based operating systems like android, in order to protect the file system any file system error can switch the file system into read-only.


There are a number of solutions to this problem. But the one I find much easier is to re-format the 2nd partition. This can be done by clockworkmod recovery and you wont need any other recoveries. Follow these steps to fix the problem

1. Backup all your linked apps – You can use Titanium Backup for this purpose. Please note that re-formatting the second partition will wipe all the apps and data linked to it.

2. Reboot to Clockworkmod recovery : This might be different on different phones. On  Galaxy ace, first turn off then press and hold Home button and power button will cause it to boot into CWM.


3. Once you get into the CWM recovery use volume buttons to scroll and home button to select. Now scroll down and select “mounts and storage”. Inside  you’ll find ” format / sd-ext “. Select and confirm format. Once the operation is complete, reboot your phone.

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Open link2Sd and check to see if it is working. You can restore the apps using titanium backup later.  Other solutions include

  • Use fsck utility to fix file system errors
  • Use AmonRa recovery to run its “Repair sd-ext” function to fix file system errors on the 2nd partition.
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