If you are a fitness pro it is most likely that you have some kind of fitness bands with you. If it is Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is one of the popular fitness band. It has got many positive reviews but recently many users are complaining that the heart rate sensor of Mi band 2 is not working.

mi band heart rate sensor

I own a Mi band 2 myself and faced the same issue couple of days ago but I fixed it very easily. Before getting into steps for how to fix the heart rate sensor issue, we have to identify whether you are using the band correctly to measure heart rate or it is a problem with the band itself.

How to make sure it is band issue?

There is a simple way you could find out whether the issue is with band or not.

  • Place the band on your wrist, tap on the button to select heart rate option.
  • Wait for 5 seconds
  • If the band vibrates and gives a –x sign just after 5 seconds, it is a problem with how you are using the band. You may try different positions or in different parts of your hand.
  • If the band vibrates and gives a –x sign after 10 seconds or more it is usually a problem with the firmware of the device.

I use the above trick to identify whether the issue is with the device.

Now if the problem is with the band, just follow the below tips to fix it.

  • Check the Mi Fit application in your device. If it is outdated, uninstall it.
  • Reboot the phone.
  • Goto playstore and install the Mi Fit.
  • Connect the Mi band 2 to your smartphone.
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updating mi band 2 firmware

You should see a screen saying updating firmware. It will take around 5 minutes to do the firmware update. Once the update is done, the heart rate sensor should work correctly.

Note: You can just update the Mi Fit app without uninstalling the existing one. Theoretically that should work. But when I tried it didn’t work. So if it is not working for you too, try uninstalling the old app, reboot the phone and install the new version.


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  1. This is the only thing that worked on my band. Thank you so much! I uninstalled the app and rebooted my phone. Even before I got the app back, the band started showing my heart rate properly. I used the treadmill option once in between too.

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