Fix App Force Close on CyanogenMod Using Terminal Emulator

CyanogenMod is one of the best customized ROM that I had used since it has less bugs, continuous support from their website and a lot of other users so we can collectively solve a bug over time. CyanogenMod is great for performance, overclocking and best battery backup, however most of the CM versions have the app force close issue. But we can fix this issue easily if you know type two simple commands on the Terminal emulator shell. Sometimes flashing new ROMS and changing permissions and accessing root functions cause the android OS to forget the UID associated with an app. What we actually do is fixing permissions issues a new unique id for apps so that no app will not be force closed because of problems in permissions.

In order to do it, open your app drawer and find terminal emulator command shell. It will open showing up a blue screen like a turbo c++ compiler window. To start type “su” without quotes. This command will grant root access to terminal emulator and you can start typing commands that requires root.

To fix permissions and thereby fixing app force closes, type command “fixfc”. This will start a script to set and fix permissions and will complete the process within a few seconds.

Alternative tip:

If you cant find terminal emulator, then don’t worry there’s still another possble ways to fix permissions. Download Fix Permissions app from Play Store. Thee’s no need to reboot into recovery. just open the app and proceed. ROM manager app could do the same thing.

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Another reason I found for app force close is installing certain apps on SD card. This is evident because when I moved my perfectly working torrent client tTorrent to sd card, it force close more often when I open it. This is due to slow access from sd card. Move such apps to internal memory hence solve the problem.

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