Windows 10 has been the best windows operating systems I have ever used. Windows 10 is better in terms of speed, usability, user interface and customization etc. I have found it has increased the performance of the computer at least 30 percent compared to windows 7. While talking about Windows 10 s pros and cons, there are some bugs out there which might kill the fun part a bit. Like the airplane mode icon stuck in task bar. Sometimes you will get the WiFi connected and you have a fully functioning internet, but a wrong icon in the task bar is displayed. Let us see how can we fix Windows 10 airplane mode problem easily.

What is Windows 10 airplane mode issue?

Sometimes, users might see the airplane mode even after they have switched back to WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. As shown in the screen shot, there is a conflict in the icons displayed. It shows BSNL_AP (WiFi name) is connected, but the icon showed in the task bar is still stuck in airplane icon.

shows airplane icon and wifi enabled

How to make windows 10 to display proper icons in task bar?

Let’s start with the easiest way to fix it. Just click on the airplane icon in the task bar notification section. Like you see in the picture the blue shade is highlighted in both Wi-Fi and Airplane mode. All you need to do is just click on the Airplane mode. Now the airplane mode icon in the task bar should get replaced with the proper Wi-Fi icon.

If the above method doesnt work, try the following:

Press the Fn + PrtScr (Print screen) keys to toggle the Wi-Fi OFF, then ON. This will re-enable the Wi-Fi and refresh the icon. The below video just shows you the same information.

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If the above method doesn’t work too, there is one more thing left to do before taking your machine to the experts.

Follow this:

  • Press Window key + R and type services.msc and hit enter – The services will open.
  • Find “Radio Management Service” with a description Radio Management and Airplane Mode Service
  • Right click on it and select start.

This will re-verify the airplane mode and WiFi settings to toggle in conjunction so that it will update the correct icons based on the connectivity status.

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  1. my problem is it disappeared from the task bar. And I use it often, so going into control panel each time is a hassle.

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