Fix Add Media/Featured Image Button Not Working in WordPress

After updating the WordPress to 3.5, I’ve found issues while adding media files into posts.  In order to find a solution I searched on Google and found I am not the only one who experience this. Lots of WordPress users already talking about this. After a through research on the internet, I’ve found a solution to the problem – Add media button not working under WordPress.

The situation is like This: You’re writing a post on WordPress, and finally you add images by clicking the Add Media button. If it is working fine, Media Library should open up where there you can upload new files or browse for the images that you already uploaded.  The problem is nothing happens if you click the add media button. Also, the featured image option has the same problem. It will look like both these functions are dead on WP. However don’t think that there’s nothing to do. A simple addition of code to a core WP file will make things work flawlessly.

Here’s how to fix Add Media/Featured Image Button in WP

  • Open the File Manager or FTP, find the file named wp-config.php under public directory. (do a search, you’ll find it easily)
  •  Right click on the file and select edit. You should direct to a edit page where you can access the code inside the file and make changes to it.

wp-config edit

  • Add the line of code:

define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false );

              Just after the line

require_once(ABSPATH . ‘wp-settings.php’);


Checkout the screenshot.


 Just save changes and close the editor. this is all you’ve to do. Now just check whether the Add media and featured image button is working.

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