In modern days, many of us are keep struggling to increase our productivity. Despite being at home or office, we always lag behind or not getting that extra work completed due to insufficient  productivity.The irony is that we know why but cant  do anything about it or not trying to beat it. Yes –  its the smartphone addiction. Well the good part is you can curb your smartphone addiction by installing few apps which can help you deal with excessive smartphone usage.

1. Quality time

If you think that switching off your phone is the only way to reduce the time you spend on your smartphone, you might be wrong. What you want is to be aware of how much time you are wasting on these apps like Facebook , twitter, Instagram etc. Once you are ware of the exact precious time that you have wasted in your life in a day, your mind will automatically try not to pick up the phone next time. Quality time time will do this job for you. It will show you a detailed report of your smartphone usage in a daily basis. As days passes you can actually compare it with previous day or weeks smartphone usage and see whether you are making progress or not.

This app will  also let you create profiles that blocks you using certain apps.

2. Checky

This simple app will show  you how many time you have checked your phone during the day. This simply makes you aware your habits and helps you control your smartphone addiction incoming days.

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3. Flipd

This app will turn you phone into something which has very basic functionalities and restrict access to many of the apps that you use to kill time. It replaces the lock screen with basic options and you can whitelist only certain apps that are essential to do your day today tasks- like Gmail, calendar ,calculator etc.

4. Forest

This apps rewards you by planting a tree if you don’t touch it for certain time. Whenever you know that you need focus, you plant a seed in the app. Within a set number of minutes the plant will grow into a tree. If you give up, the tree will die. So if you want these capsules of focusing time periods a day, the more you are focused more trees you will plant, and you’ll have a forest filled with trees.

5. App Detox

What if you are allowed to open Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram 2-3 times a day. If you need this kind of strong restriction to keep yourself focused on work – App Detox will do it for you.  You can set the time limits and when you want and don’t want to use a particular app during the day.

If you know other apps that does better than the above listed apps –  feel free to put them in comments.

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