Ever since Google’s acquisition of Fitbit, the release of their newer fitness watch the Fitbit Versa 2 has been keenly looked into by everyone. How does the new release from Fitbit match against the likes of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2? Available in the market at similar price ranges, we compare the various specifications and features of the two watches to aid you in your purchase of one or the other.


  • Both the watches are dustproof and water-resistant.
  • They come with branded damage resistant glass and are sweat-resistant making them the ideal companions for gyms.
  • The watches have a water-resistant depth rating of 50mm.
  • They have an always-ON display.
  • The operating temperature of Versa 2 lies between -10 degree Celcius to 60-degree Celcius whereas, for Active 2, it is between 0 and 40-degree Celcius.
  • Active 2 uses a newer Gorilla Glass version compared to Versa.


Fitbit versa 2 Samsung Galaxy Active 2
Built-in Amazon Alexa 30.5mm AMOLED display
24/7 Heart rate tracking Heart rate and blood pressure monitor
store and play 300+ songs 4GB internal storage
5 days of battery life 240mAh battery. 1-day typical usage time


  • Both watches have a heart rate monitor and an accelerometer.
  • In addition to that, the Active 2 model from Samsung has GPS, compass, Barometer, Gyroscope and it is also able to measure perspiration.

Activity Tracking

  • Both the watch models are capable of tracking the distance covered, the steps taken and provide appropriate activity reports. These reports can be viewed through corresponding apps on your phone or from the website. Tracking your activities in this manner helps you make improvements.
  • The watches can also measure your speed by judging how much distance you cover in a particular amount of time.
  • For all you fitness fanatics out there, these fitness watches can keep track of calories burnt and will guide you in your weight loss journey.
  • These watches can track the longevity and quality of your sleep and provide you reports.
  • They can automatically detect when you enter a physical activity like jogging so that no manual trigger is needed at the beginning
  • The watches are capable of tracking distance as well as elevation. For eg, when you climb stairs.
  • They have route trackers in them that can save your favorite routes for future references.
  • The multisport mode in the watches helps to switch between tracking the various activities like running, swimming, etc.
  • They have settings that allow you to fix goals every day.
  • The watches use arm movement sensors to count the number of strokes when swimming.
  • The Active 2 model is designed for divers whereas Versa 2 is not built diver-friendly.
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  • The device can sync all your data wirelessly without the need for cables.
  • The Versa 2 uses Bluetooth 4.0 version whereas the Active 2 uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 version.
  • Both watches can be connected to Wi-Fi and is compatible with Android.
  • They also have NFC which allows a device to perform simple wireless transactions.
  • The Active 2 model from Samsung also supports the ANT+ wireless protocol and is compatible with the Runkeeper app.


  • Both watches have a rechargeable battery and a battery level indicator.
  • The Active 2 model from Samsung has a removable battery and is equipped with wireless charging, two features missing from Versa 2.

Other Features

  • Both watches have additional features like Notifications on display, call control, stopwatch, silent alarm, vibrating alerts, voice commands, inactivity alerts, etc.
  • Some features unique to the Active 2 include the feature to locate your misplaced phone, integration with social media apps, ability to answer phone calls, ability to remotely control phone’s camera, etc.

Reasons to choose Active 2 over Versa 2

  • Active 2 is GPS enabled. This feature comes in handy for geotagging and to use with navigation apps.
  • The Samsung watch has a feature that will ring your phone in case you misplace it. It also has a compass and a barometer.
  • Samsung uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 version whereas Fitbit uses the much older Bluetooth 4.0 version.
  • The Samsung watch also has wireless charging and can be easily integrated with social media applications like Facebook and WhatsApp.
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